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Private Eye: A Look Inside a Lash Studio

Jamie Newman | March 2, 2016 | 2:51 PM
Using the NovaLash “glove technique,”Joslyn-Rohner keeps her tools in close proximity to the client’s head, which allows her to work more efficiently.
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“There are definitely some spa elements to our lash application,” Joslyn-Rohner says. “NovaLash undereye gel pads, used to hold down bottom lashes, are like a soothing/mini anti-aging eye treatment. And AirNova, used to dry and set the lashes, doubles as a relaxing temple massage to finish the application.” She also burns candles and plays relaxing music for an extra “zen effect.”
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“I like to offer a memory foam pillow to support the client’s neck and head, a bolster under their knees to take pressure off the lower back, and a soft blanket to keep them warm,” Joslyn-Rohner says. “That client is lying on your table for up to two hours. The more comfortable my client is the easier my job will be.”
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Joslyn-Rohner says the right facial/massage table is just as important to the client’s comfort as it is to her as the lash extensionist. “Lash artists are sitting all day doing an extremely meticulous procedure,” she says. “If you do not take care of your own body, how can you expect to have a long lasting lash career? Choose a table that you can get your knees under, allowing your clients head to be right under your gaze at chest level. This is going to save your neck and back.”
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Retail products are displayed in the corner of the lash studio on a simple shelving unit. “I am a very visual person, so naturally I wanted my products displayed in an eye catching case that was easily accessible,” she says. “I spend 10 minutes before or after a client’s service to explain and show them how they should be using our products, along with the do's and don'ts of wearing NovaLash. Your client has just invested all this money into a full set of lashes, of course they want to know how to properly take care of them. If you are not offering aftercare to your clients this is a disservice to them.”
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Lindsey Rae Joslyn-Rohner, NovaLash trainer and advanced lash artist, is also a self-proclaimed “interior-design fanatic.” So, it’s no surprise that the overall look of her private lash studio in Chicago was just as important as its functionality for applying eyelash extensions.


“I wanted my space to not only represent my personal style and image, but more importantly how I wanted the space to make my clients feel,” she says. "I want them to feel glamorous, chic, relaxed and important when they walk into my studio."


When designing her studio, Joslyn-Rohner focused on four aspects: functionality, look, comfort and cleanliness.


“I want my clients to feel like their having a spa treatment when having their lashes done,” Joslyn-Rohner says. “This is their time to lie down, close their eyes and just relax.”

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