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Blowouts and Blow Dry Styling Are on the Rise

Lauren Salapatek | March 3, 2016 | 10:16 AM
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Blow dry styling is rapidly growing and approaching 15% of total hair business at The Adam Broderick Salon & Spa with two locations in Connecticut. Over the last few years, the design and education team has developed accelerated training based on critical success factors for a great blow dry. This quality initiative has supported the salon's rapid growth.

"Clients use the salon as they would any blow dry bar, with last minute reservations, coming in with a friend for a blow dry and enjoying a glass of wine or freshly brewed Starbucks coffee during the service," says the team at Adam Broderick. "Creating a blow dry bar business within the salon depends on the quality of the service, the amenities and the access for last minute reservations."

MODERN SALON gathered together some the team’s tips for a perfect blow dry:

SHAMPOO: Give your client a chair massage during shampooing. Apply conditioner sparingly to mid-shaft and ends, then rinse, rinse, rinse, and finishing with cool water. Yes, cool water!

BLOW DRY: Towel dry your client's hair, then minimize free drying and get right to the directional blow dry. Section your client's hair with clips, drying the front of the hair first around the face, then proceeding with medium to small sections to the lower layers and working your way up to the crown. Use Velcro rollers for extra volume after blow drying the sections at the crown. When you are finished, blow dry the hair on a cooler setting. 

TECHNICAL TIPS: Use natural bristle brushes, tension on the brush, over direction to create volume and movement and make sure you blow dry the ends of the hair really well. This seals the ends and helps the blow dry last longer.

PRODUCT TIPS: Be strategic, and add product sparingly to your target area. Imperial Blowout by Oribe Hair Care and Adam Broderick’s Bigger Better Volumizing Hybrid are hero products for the ultimate blowout. Apply them only to the root area where volume is desired. For smoothing, use Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray by Oribe Hair Care, target mid shaft to ends and distribute a small amount on the outside of the hair, which allows the product to smooth the hair without weighing it down.

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