Concept to Creation: Yolly ten Koppel's Digital Age

Lauren Quick | March 3, 2016 | 10:34 AM
Ten Koppel pulls many images from fashion, nature, design and more to begin her mood boards. Then she narrows her concept by removing images and honing in on specific themes, colors and patterns.
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After focusing and refocusing her mood board, ten Koppel comes up with a few images that encompass what she wants to create—and a title, Digitalized Evolution.
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Ten Koppel works on her Digitalized Evolution model at Pivot Point International’s Creative Jam Chicago. The cut featured near-transparent pieces pulled out into various shapes, and the color was stone-washed blonde with a pop of blue in the fringe.
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Ten Koppel worked with Pivot Point International in Taiwan for its Eclectic Asia collection, which shares some themes of her Digitalized Evolution style.
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Pivot Point International’s Yolly ten Koppel focuses on deconstructed shapes and irregular textures to create a cut and color inspired by the technological world.

Yolly ten Koppel, global artistic director for Pivot Point International, regularly utilizes mood boards to brainstorm and craft haircuts, colors, designs and collections. Like many artists, the world around her serves as creative fuel—most recently the ever-changing digital landscape.


“Smart technology inspires us and strongly influences our daily lives,” ten Koppel says. “Technology is able to create amazing reflections, add illusionary layers and stimulate sensory dynamics. Technology blurs the borders between design and real life.”


Ten Koppel created a texturized cut with pops of blue fringe for a recent Pivot Point International Creative Jam in Chicago, where she shared imagery from her mood board and explained to a room of fellow educators how the process helps her develop ideas.


Along with the images, ten Koppel focused on key words: deconstructed, irregular textures and stone-washed colors. The words and images guided her process to a finished product.



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