Donating to Africa - How AG Hair is Making a Difference

Lauren Salapatek | March 9, 2016 | 12:39 AM
75 percent of Sub-Sahara African women have never been to school. AG Hair is working hard to change that stat by building schools and changing lives.

For every bottle that your clients purchase from AG Hair, a portion of the profits goes to AG’s Women Leading Change Foundation to educate girls living in poverty in Africa. Since 2008, Women Leading Change has raised over $2M dollars, built 5 schools, and has touched hundreds of lives.

The foundation believes that by building schools and offering more education, it will translate into better living conditions, less violence against women and more stable economies. AG’s Women Leading Change Foundation was started from a desire to help girls in Sub-Saharan Africa reach their full potential to create change and to give women a voice in their households, communities and ultimately, their countries.

And it all starts with education, says the foundation.

 “We initially set out to build a school a year, but after revisiting these schools, our perception changed. We saw how maintenance and additional infrastructure are crucial for continued success. We have a connection to these schools, the communities and most importantly to the girls. Our mission has evolved from just funding a new school building, to ensuring the long-term success of the school and the girls who go there.”  

Currently, AG’s Women Leading Change is working with the Ganze Girls Secondary School in Kenya; the Atanga School in Northern Uganda; the Ushirika School in Nairobi, Kenya; the Patongo School in Northern Uganda; and the Ndemu School in Nanyuki, Kenya.

Their target for donations in 2016 is $442,000. Find out how you can contribute.

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