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Texture Revolution and "Back to the Basics" With Moroccanoil at ABS

Lauren Salapatek | March 12, 2016 | 2:12 AM
Global Director of Education Robert Ham answers a question from the audience.
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Global Ambassador Peter Gray deconstructing the texture.
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Global Ambassador Peter Gray finishes off his bouncy afro look.
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Global Ambassador Kevin Hughes
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Global Ambassador Kevin Hughes' updo that uses the boning technique to create the stitching effect on the side of the head.
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Performing for their first time ever on the Runway at America's Beauty Show (ABS) in Chicago, Morrocanoil, showed off how to create beautiful, healthy-looking hairstyles during their presentation on the CosmoProf Centerstage. Their show was divided into two segments which both focused on taking runway-inspired styles and transitioning them for your clients.

Part one focused on creating texture with their new Moroccanoil products, which includes: a Texture Spray, Beach Wave Mousse, and Beach Wave Spray (which they are also selling at ABS!) Global Ambassadors Kevin Hughes, Peter Gray and Director of Global Education Robert Ham showed off three extreme textured looks using these new texture products.


Hughes prepped his model with a technique he saw from the 2016 Donna Karan Show at New York Fashion Week. The technique, called boning, creates a spine effect in the hair utilizing a thread and hair needle. Since his model had fine hair, he used Moroccanoil Treatment Light and Thickening Lotion to create added volume. He then went in and curled the hair with a 3/4-inch curling iron. Hughes finished off the look with Dry Texture Spray and then after it was set, Moroccanoil Hairspray Strong Hold.

Gray methodically took section by section of his model's hair, unwound it, and then with a backcombing motion pushed down on the hair to create out-of-this world curly volume. The result was a bouncy afro.

"When doing a look like this, it's all about discipline and repetition. For me it's all about creating perfect edges," says Gray.


Moroccanoil went "back to the basics" during the second part of their presentation, where they showed how to create three inspiring ponytails you could bring back to your business.

When determining the type of ponytail that will fit your client, first study their profile. "I always look at the nose, the neck, and the forehead. The higher you pull the ponytail up, the longer the neck is going to look," says Gray. "The lower you go, the more sporty and casual it's going to be."

Ham also said to pay attention to your client's nose shape. "If it's more pettite, then you want to go higher with the ponytail. The larger the nose, the lower you want to go," he says.

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