Fuchsia to "Natural" Haircolor

Maggie Mulhern | March 15, 2016 | 11:12 AM
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BEFORE: This guest has previously come in prior for a purple ombre. In her hair, was Joico Color Intensity Amethyst Purple & Joico Color Intensity Magenta, equal parts, as well as 4NN Paul Mitchell The Color for the base. Over time, the color has faded into a fucsia toned pink, as pictured above. The goal here was to take out as much of the purple/magenta as possible and start to transition back to her natural level 6 base.
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Color-balance using: -Paul Mitchell Dual Purpose Lightener - 2 oz. -Paul Mitchell 30 volume developer - 2 oz. -Paul Mitchell Shampoo 2 - 2 oz. Taking small sections, saturate the mid shaft to the ends, using balayage-like strokes. Bring the lightener closer to her base. Doing this will allow me to break up some of the previous color. "It is extremely important to not leave your guest at the sink with the lightener on. Hair is unpredictable and can lift in an instant. The integrity of their hair is the most important!"
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After about 15 minutes, rinse and shampoo. Dry the hair.
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For her base, apply: Paul Mitchell the Color XG 6N - 2oz. Paul Mitchell 20 volume cream developer - 3oz. Apply in 4 basic sections, bringing the base down about 4 inches.
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Go over her lightened areas with a lower volume developer, to help kick out a previous blue color that was still in her hair. "Personally, I like to twist the ends as a I feel it creates a small amount of heat and helps lift the ends." Then color melt in the sink using: 3A 1/2 oz. + 3BV 1/2 oz. + 3V 1/2 oz. + 9BV 1 oz. + Clear Shine 1/2 oz. - All PM Shines. Dilute the solution to make it more of a level 6, to prevent base from getting too dark. Process for 7 minutes.
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The purple and silver tones in the formula help cool down and brass in her hair. Blow dry using Paul Mitchell Express Ion Round Brush XL. "My guest was a new woman! She traded her unicorn hair for an effortless low maintenance style."
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“Hey, I think I want normal hair again,” was the conversation between Hannah Peterson (@hannahnoelhair) and her flaming fuchsia colored guest. Peterson, a Level 1 stylist at Gina Bianca Hair in Southington, CT, started to nervously smile and shake her head while starting to go through the motions in her mind.

This is impossible, she thought, how am i supposed to pull this off and get as light as she wants? With a little faith and some love from her GBH team, Peterson was able to transform this beauty from a fantasy colored unicorn to a seamless, melty ombre. 

Note that the glaze is key and deserves special attention. "Start by saturating the hairline," says Peterson. "Bring the glaze all over the roots, emulsify and slowly work the glaze down the mid-shaft to ends. It is important in a color melt to rinse the mid shaft to ends as soon as you see them start to change color. The key is to create a seamless, melted look, transitioning from level to level. Let the glaze on the base melt down into the rest of the hair. After about 7 minutes, my guest was ready to rinse. Since her hair was so porous, her hair soaked up the color very fast. I applied Olaplex #2 all over and let it sit for about 10 minutes. This helps rebuild the broken down disulfide bonds in her hair. "

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