Building To Platinum

Maggie Mulhern | March 25, 2016 | 9:25 AM

Brandon Pate (@brandonandhair), Cortello Salon, Jacksonville Beach, Florida,  says this "guest started as a color correction one year ago and has been balayaged three times with lowlights and some highlights, mostly just around the face. At this appointment she decided she ultimately wants platinum balayage."

Here Pate shares HOW he helped her meet her goal:


Goldwell Silk Lift + 30 vol with Olaplex from nape to back of crown

Goldwell Oxy + 25 vol with Olaplex for the remaining hair

Gloss for roots: 5mL 8BA + 10mL 8GB with 30 mL Colorance 

Gloss for mid-ends: 10mL 10P + 10 mL 10V + 5mL 8SB + 5mL Clear with 60mL Colorance 


Apply in a balayage technique using back-to-back meche paper, painting in backcombed weaves; alternating 1:2:1, respectively.


Application - 1.5hrs

Processing - 40 minutes (first 10 minutes under open air heat)

Gloss - 12 minutes


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