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Rockin’ Grannies in My Chair

Carlos Valenzuela | March 21, 2016 | 10:29 PM
Carlos Valenzuela

An 80-year old woman marched up to my styling chair with curly, fire engine red hair, long nails, and in better shapes than most women forty years her junior. “I don’t want an old lady ‘do’ she said as a conversation starter. Later, came a ninety-eight year old woman in perfect makeup dressed like a vogue model that stated, “Can you get me out by eleven, otherwise I will be late for my bridge game.”
There is a sprinkling of women who refuse to act their age coming to see me. And, I love them.

When I returned to offering my styling services, I prioritized the trendy, younger woman who could be a walking advertisement for me. I didn’t really reach out to seniors because of giant, incorrect misconceptions. I admit. I had images of the classic senior always looking for economical services, and with a challenging personality, plus I didn’t want a full book of layered wedges with a few curls on top. Wrong. So wrong.

If you think like I did, you have yet to meet the new generation of rocking grannies. These are women who worked hard and saved their money because they wanted to afford a few luxuries in their retirement—and one of these luxuries is you, their hairdresser. These vibrant ladies are cut and color clients and book an appointment every four to six weeks. I use my latest tricks and techniques on them with great success. No little old lady from Pasadena looks.

Once these ladies get to know you, they begin to open up and share their wisdom. I would love to be as good a judge of character as they are, as good to shake off fears and insecurities, not cares what people think and most of all maintain their passion for life throughout my future years.

When I suggested a particularly trendy style for one of my beautiful seniors, she readily went for it and said. “Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

I live with the hope that the attitude rubs off on me.




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