Cut Hair Better, Immediately: Tip #10 of 10

Ivan Zoot | March 22, 2016 | 7:25 AM
Ivan Zoot

Tip number 10 on my list of the things you can do RIGHT NOW to be a better haircutter is to take better care of your tools. “A craftsman is only as good as his tools,” is an old saying. Although I believe you can create amazing haircuts with cheap junky scissors, there is a significant connection to caring for tools and creating solid work.

Cleaning, disinfection and oiling scissors after every haircut is about more than good sanitation and infection control habits. Clean tools protect you, your client and your business and reputation. Looking after your tools develops respect for both the physical item and the craftsmanship of what you produce. Taking pride in your profession elevate you immediately.

Dull scissors are dangerous. Clean, oiled scissors stay sharp and perform properly. Dull scissors require more and different force in use which can lead to injury. Clean clippers and fresh razor blades are just as important. Combs can become nicked and gouged as they contact sharp cutting tools. Combs should be tossed at the first sign or wear. Unblemished combs glide through hair smoothly creating better haircuts and pleasant client and haircutter experiences.

If you have been following these 10 tips for the past 10 weeks each week you became a little bit better haircutter, immediately, every week. A little bit every week for ten weeks adds up to more than a little bit. Now, go cut some hair. 

Happy haircutting


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