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An Ice-White Blonde Color Journey

Anne Moratto | March 22, 2016 | 7:41 AM
Color, cut and style by Beth Ann Keen (@Mommmjeans)

Native Oregonian, stylist of 12 years at Old Hollywood Hair in historic Oregon City, OR, Beth Ann Keen (@Mommmjeans) posted her client's color journey on Instagram and we were especially struck by the final arctic blonde and asked Keen to share her process.

"Top left, salon fresh," says Keen. "Lower left, about six weeks later and right photo is after a major transformation cut, double bleach and high lift tone. We were nearly four hours in the chair to achieve this perfect platinum pixie. So much fun!"


STEP 1: My process was to start with a dry cut of about 65 percent of the length, leaving myself lots of room to play into the pixie.

STEP 2 with FORMULA: My Ice White formula for the blonde was...

  • Pravana Pure Light Power Bleach with 40 volume for 45 minutes, rinse, dry.
  • Another hit of Pure Light Bleach from about an inch off the scalp to ends for about 25 minutes.

STEP 3I then cut in about 90 percent of my pixie lines.

STEP 4I finished with a 1/4 oz Redken 12ab Color Fusion and 1/4oz Pravana 10 volume and 20 volume Developer combed through for 25 minuntes.

FINALI finished up the cut and done! 


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