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Refresh Your Space for Spring

Kaitlyn Agnew | March 22, 2016 | 8:29 AM
A KFCI permanent install for Thousand Trails, a provider of membership campgrounds and RV parks with resort style amenities. The goal was to highlight everything a camper would need in an organized and easy to navigate manner while creating a space that mimicked the feeling of bringing the outdoors, in.

When was the last time you actually visited a store in person just to browse? Seems long ago, right? In our digital world, almost everything can be done via the click of a mouse with the help of a few peer reviews but there are some things that just don't deliver on satisfaction without seeing them firsthand. From furniture to retail and beauty to the latest technology, the opportunity to engage with products is much more powerful than staring at them on a screen. An expertly designed showroom, store or salon is the perfect way to reach your target market and influence their purchasing decisions in the most influential moments, but like any other space that relies on aesthetics, your presentation can get stale over time so regular updates are crucial.

Revive your space with 4 easy tips:

It’s a Sign: Add beautiful vinyl letters to your windows or cover a bare wall with statement-making raised letters. Colors, trends and finishes go in and out of style but as long as you have a good base layout, you can change up the accessories and decor as you see fit. 

Ebb & Flow: Maintain movement within your space: For example, separate indoor and outdoor products so potential buyers can easily identify where they need to be. IKEA does this very well by creating many small rooms within one large space, each which showcase products specific to the category. By segmenting, customers can efficiently locate what they're looking for, making for an enjoyable shopping experience.

Less is More: Much like the same rule for clothes in your closet, remove anything that did not perform well in the last year.  Instead, focus on best-sellers and what's trending within your industry. Showing product that is relevant to today’s market which not only shows you're staying current but also that you are dedicated to providing customers with the best selection.

Create an Experience: Draw people from the outside, in by creating an entirely new environment, whether it's warm and inviting or curious and eclectic. Think about transporting your customer to another place, a storybook location where your brand lives and thrives, leaving them with an impression that can’t be upstaged by any .com address.

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