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Lucky Salon Wins Makeover from Cindarella and Salon Interiors

Stacey Soble | March 31, 2016 | 12:19 PM
Santiago Romero, owner of Project Luxe in Albuquerque, New Mexico, won a raffle at Luxury Brand Partners' Front Row entitling him to $25,000 worth of salon furniture from Paris-based Cindarella and design consulting services from Salon Interiors.

Attending Luxury Brand Partners’ Front Row in Miami in January resulted in a big payoff for Santiago Romero, owner of Project Luxe Salon in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Romero was the grand prize winner of an on-site raffle held by one of the show’s exhibitors. The prize includes $25,000 of salon furniture from the Paris-based design company Cindarella furniture and a design consultation from Salon Interiors.

"Winning the makeover from Cindarella and Salon Interiors feels like a real-life Cinderella story,” Romero says. “We feel so blessed and excited for this opportunity to have such beautiful salon furniture that will elevate the experience for our guests. The culture at Project Luxe is very boutique, and now we will feel like a high-end salon from the big city. We would like to thank the whole LBP team for such an amazing event (Front Row), Milton Santos and the Salon Interiors staff, and more importantly Vanessa Ghorayeb, managing director of Cindarella for this would have never been an option for Project Luxe."

Since 1960, Paris-based Cindarella has manufactured high-quality, exceptionally designed furniture. In the United States, the furniture is available at Salon Interiors. For more information, visit or or call 800-642-4205.




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