How-To: Breaking the Base (+video!)

Lauren Quick | April 6, 2016 | 1:21 PM
BEFORE and AFTER. Hair: Jamie Muniz // Makeup: Amanda Evert // Fashion styling: Caisa Airmet // Model: Halie Cole (photo credit: Huck Hinshaw)
Photo By Huck Hinshaw

For blondes, base-breaking is typically a necessary part of color maintenance. Highlights can look unnatural next to regrowth, and Pravana has launched its new ChromaSilk Ultra Hi-Lifts to aid in the base-breaking process.

Pravana stylist Jamie Muniz started by touching up her client's highlights. Take a look at the rest of the process below (and a step-by-step video)!

How to break the base

Lightener: Pravana Pure Light Power Lightener + Pravana developer of choice
Base-breaker: ChromaSilk Ultra Hi-Lift Violet + Zero Lift Developer
Toner: ChromaSilk Express Tones Violet + Zero Lift Developer

STEP 1: Section the hair.

STEP 2: Apply Pravana Pure Light Power Lightener to stitched-out strands.

STEP 3: Quickly apply Ultra Hi-Lift Violet to natural regrowth.

STEP 4: Choose your Ultra Hi-Lift color based on desired result and underlying pigment at starting level.
Pro tip: Be careful not to apply over previously lightened strands; the color might deliver too much tone.

STEP 5: Process 15-20 minutes. Shampoo, rinse, then towel-dry.

STEP 6: Apply Chromasilk Express Tones Violet.

STEP 7: Condition with The Perfect Blonde Conditioner for extra radiance and tone.

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