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Top Tips on How to Incorporate Trends and Explore New Color Options for Your Guests

Anne Moratto | April 5, 2016 | 2:17 PM
Joanne Rempel

We spotted this excellent advice piece from Eufora's Joanne Rempel, the color development manager, and are sharing it because it offers terrific suggestions and entry points into more creative color for your guest--and more satisfying work for you!

Do you look at editorial work and think “I can’t do that behind my chair.  It’s just too edgy for my guests.” 

Avoiding conversation on trend colors fearing that guests will shy away from a strong fashion statement may keep us in a safe zone, but limits our professional growth as artists. It’s time to shed limiting beliefs and embrace transformations! Being on trend and incorporating trends into our work connects us to the world of fashion, adding value to what can be done behind the chair. A trend savvy stylist can become an irreplaceable resource for salon guests when it comes to fashion and style direction.

So what should you be talking about as we enter this spring summer season? Color!  There is no better time to explore new color options than when the new spring looks take the forefront in fashion magazines, and spring 2016 is definitely in full bloom!  Colors this season are less saturated - Misty, smoky echoes of pinks, blues and greens.  These shades make for a much more wearable pallet.  For a guest not ready to take on a full head of pink or blue hair, no matter how misty, there is always the option to use trend colors as “accessories” or enhancements to a natural color.  Here are just a few suggestions:

·         Soften trend colors by altering formulations. For example, our in new Color Echoes collection you can easily modify a Blush by reducing the amount of red blue tones from the Mahogany. Replace the beige base with gold for a softer more muted Blush. 

·         Change the color application from a bold to subtle pattern to mirror the personal style statement of the guest. 

·         Implement a “Try Bar”. Color human hair clip-in extensions with trend colors such as pinks, blues and green, so that guests who are afraid of fashion colors can try new looks, incorporating flashes of color, with no commitment! 

As a veteran of the industry, I understand that it is easy to fall into the habit of admiring trends, and then assuming you will never be able to translate them behind your chair, but just remember… trends are not an “all or nothing” proposition.

So, keep that fashion buzz alive in your salon – talk trend behind your chair. You will be pleasantly surprised when your guest’s begin to respond to you with “What’s next!” instead of “I can’t”.

Yours Truly,

Joanne Rempel

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