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New Balayage Techniques: Brochaying, Chrocheting, Combalaying and Bowlayage

Lauren Salapatek | April 22, 2016 | 8:42 AM

(From left) Teresa Sweis, Candy Shaw, Karl Sweis

Sweis Inc., a professional salon and spa products distributor, hosted a look-and-learn event with Candy Shaw, founder of Sunlights Balayage for hundreds of salon professionals at the Irvine Hotel in Irvine, CA. Shaw, (also known as the "Balay Lama,") created the Sunlights Professional Balayage Lightener specifically formulated for the tremendously popular balayage highlighting technique.

At the Sweis education event, Shaw showcased a series of blonde, brunette and redheaded models, and demonstrated balayage tips, tricks and techniques, including brochaying, chrocheting, combalaying and bowlayage, all unique hair painting methods to achieve seamless, sun-kissed highlights.

She explained that the art of balayaging is in the painting technique and she encourages salon professionals to perfect the brush stroke, “tap, rub and push,” and pay attention to the haircut, layering, texture, head shape and previous color. According to Shaw, once the salon professional has practiced on one mannequin and two friends, they are ready to begin balayaging clients.

Why Balayage?

From a salon-business standpoint, Shaw shares the most promising aspects of balayage for salon professionals. It is user-friendly and efficient, taking half the time of traditional highlighting services, while enabling professionals to charge a higher price for the service. This is due to the customization of the balayage technique for each individual client. Shaw calls it “painting your way to financial freedom” because professionals are “charging more and putting in less time, working smarter and not harder.”    

“Our goal at Sweis is to support salon professionals with resources, products and tools that will help them grow their businesses," shares Karl Sweis, president of Sweis Inc. “We believe that Sunlights Balayage and the Balay Box of tools has the ability to make a great impact financially, professionally and creatively as salon professionals enjoy mastering the art of balayage.”

The balayage technique, meaning to sweep or paint in French, has enduring popularity and has been practiced in Paris salons for many decades. Shaw describes it as couture color, similar to a designer creating a couture dress, giving the salon professional the authority to be an artist. 

Learn the techniques below:





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