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6 Tips to Achieve a Perfect – And Lucrative – Brazilian Blowout

Elizabeth Jakaitis | April 6, 2016 | 2:00 PM

MODERN attended Cosmetologists Chicago’s April First Mondays class hosted by Dalia Misho, regional education manager of Brazilian Professionals. She demonstrated three Brazilian Professionals services that can be used to keep curl and lose frizz or achieve a sleek and straight result for textured clients.

Of course, there is the Brazilian Blowout—a service that is healthy for hair and can be offered both to clients looking to smooth their texture completely or clients looking to just loosen their curls. The B3 Brazilian Bond Builder, a one-step, anhydrous tool that can be mixed into any color formulation to help re-attach and build bonds. Finally, the Brazilian Blowout Split End Repair can be made into a 10-minute add-on service that will prevent split ends from splitting further up the hair shaft. The takeaway from each service was how to safely offer services to textured clients – including those with damaged or color-treated hair – that will maintain hair’s health.

In addition to being a self-proclaimed hair nerd, Misho also proved herself to be a savvy business woman. She talked about the importance of charging what you’re worth and not allowing clients to haggle. It’s ok to offer promotional sales to draw attention to the services you offer, but be sure to let your clients know that it is a one-time sale and tell them what the price will be in the future. Plus, she talked through the cost of the products needed to complete the services, how many services could be delivered from each bottle of product and encouraged stylists to calculate the total profits they could make. These are great steps for any stylists to take when considering the value of offering new services.

Throughout the class, Misho shared a wealth of tricks for offering clients quality services. Here are her top 6 tips for achieving a perfect – and lucrative – Brazilian Blowout.

1. Never use more than 1 oz. of product—a little goes a long way. If you used too much product (when you comb through the section you just applied product to, you don’t want any white residue to show on the comb) marry the next section of hair into the one you are working with. When you comb them together, the product will distribute evenly.

2. Don’t think you can just blowdry for a fuller result. The effect will not last unless you straighten with a flat iron. Your iron should be set at 380°—450°.

3. Customize the service by adjusting size of sections and amount of tension you’re using based on how thick the hair is and how smooth the client wants the hair.

4. A little steam (aka product burn off) is ok, but you don’t want a cloud of smoke. 7-8 passes with the straightener should do it.

5. After applying the product, straightening, then rinsing, do not send clients off without giving them a quick blowdry. It does not need to be a full blowout—in fact, clients will be amazed to see how manageable their hair now looks with just a rough dry.

6. When clients try to haggle on price, remind them that their smooth hair costs about $3.33 a day—about the same as a daily visit to Starbucks.

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