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Image: Are You What You Look Like?

Carlos Valenzuela | April 20, 2016 | 9:07 AM

If you are what you eat, are you what you look like? Does the image you create, or overlook, influence the quality of your results? Is there need for a professional image, or can you just go from your laundry room to the salon?

You are a believer of not judging a book by its cover? Well, if the cover didn’t reflect what’s inside, I probably passed on your book. Life isn’t fair. Likewise, in a salon, poor personal image signals low end of the service menu. Your image adds or subtracts from team members trying to keep it professional. Not important for you? Then, do it for those who believe good image keeps the salon, and you, busy.

Is being born pretty a necessity for good image? If the good looks train has left the station; may as well turn around and go home? Please. A professional image is free and available to everyone. Just give a little thought to your image as you prepare for your day. Aim for looking and acting just one notch above your average effort. This usually does the trick.

The simple act of pulling yourself together, more than genetics, creates confidence in who you are. You know your image is not just looks, but composure, empathy, listening, communication skills, plus maybe that killer outfit.

It’s also awareness of those crucial five seconds when you first greet a client and make an impression nothing will easily change. Returning clients look for clues of you having a good day. A bad day might translate into poor styling.   

Nothing compares with the magic of your person. More than promotions, advertising and social media the magic is in your touch. Sure, trendy skills are important, but don’t we all know that old-fashioned, average hairdresser booked weeks in advance? What’s the magic there?

That magic is image and awesome customer service.

And, all it takes is just a few extra minutes before you walk out the door.

Carlos Valenzuela: forty plus years experience as a hairdresser, international educator, salon and beauty school owner and frequent speaker at major beauty events. Information at [email protected]






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