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Intercoiffure Spring Atelier 2016: Review.Renew.Reset

Maggie Mulhern | April 19, 2016 | 6:57 AM
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Workshops at ICA: Modern Disconnection by the Van Michael Team
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Belinda Gambuzza demonstrates Color Fusion in a workshop at the Intercoiffure Spring Atelier, 2016
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Frank Gambuzza with the finalists of the Nouveau competition. From left: Frank Gamuzza, Tori Morsch, Anna Johnson, Kristen Harris, Alicia (Piper) Bryant, Grace Hamlin and Aaron White.
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Networking at Intercoiffure, one of the most important elements of the atelier. Members help Jo Blackwell with a photo competition.
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Perry Monge present Nouveau, a highlight of the Intercoiffure atelier.
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Patrick McIvor demonstrates "Air Color" at the Intercoiffure Sprint Atelier
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Prepping backstage in Boca Raton for the Intercoiffure Spring Atelier Nouveau Presentation
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Jason Backe and team held a color workshop during the Intercoiffure Spring Atelier
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Van Council offered an inspiring presentation during the Intercoiffure Spring Atelier.
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Harold Leighton and Frank Gambuzza at the Intercoiffure Spring Atelier 2016.
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Members of Intercoiffure America/Canada gather to kick off the 2016 Spring Atelier in Boca Raton, Florida
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Education, inspiration, networking and FUN! Here Frank Gambuzza dances with the members at the "Beach Party."
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David Kinigson works backstage, prepping his model for a presentation.
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Ted Gibson and Jason Backe shared insider secrets to branding.
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Winn Claybaugh presented the "Golden Rules."
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Winners of the Nouveau competition, from left: model, Erin Gibbin, Coral Pleas (Owner of the Cutting Loose Salons), Kari Bowman, model
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THE EVENT: “Review.Renew.Reset” the INTERCOIFFURE SPRING ATELIER, Boca Raton, Florida. April 2016.

THE DETAILS: With a goal to share best business practices among market leaders from the United States and Canada, the Intercoiffure Spring Atelier (workshop) delivered. More than 430 salon owners and artists spent 2 days inspiring each other and celebrating the salon and spa industries. The members of this elite organization attended classes, listened to speeches and watched presentations and demonstrations all focusing on finances, salon culture, social media, haircolor, hairstyle and more.

HIGHLIGHTS: As always, there are too many to mention but the main ballroom was overflowing with members watching presentations from Kristi Valenzuela on developing the front desk, Harold Leighton on learning from the past, Kelly Ehlers on social media, Ted Gibson and Jason Backe on building a brand and Jordan and Aaron McDaniel on engaging Millennial clients and staff. Jeanne Braa-Foster and Dr. Dean Foster raised awareness with their presentation called “Eyes On Cancer” and the “Media Panel” (which included MODERN’S Beauty and Fashion Director Maggie Mulhern) offered tips on getting published and featured in print and on line.

MOTIVATION: Kathy Buckley motivated and inspired the audience by sharing her journey from a struggling deaf child and adolescent to an in-demand comedienne and motivational speaker. Winn Claybaugh motivated through his presentation about leadership and keeping the magic alive while breaking down his “Golden Rules.”

CREATIVE PRESENTATIONS: Perry Monge and Team Nouveau presented fresh and modern finishes from the next generation of stylists and colorists.  George Papanikolas demonstrated some of his “Kardashian-worthy” and signature coloring techniques and Jordan Alexander and Bianca Hillier (Olaplex) shared advice on maximizing revenue via social media. David Kinigson earned a standing ovation with his presentation of Beach, Beat, Boys and Bond Girls, inspired by the Zeitgeist. Attendees were also inspired by the results from the photoshoot held earlier this year in Cuba. The finishes were on display and released to the members to share with their own audience.

HANDS ON: There were abundant hands-on opportunities on day 2. Belinda Gambuzza offered a class on Color Fusing and Patrick McIvor demonstrated on his Air-Color technique. For finishing, Jason Backe and team shared “Backstage to the Runway“ and Van Council and the Van Michael Artistic Team offered “Modern Disconnection.”

BUSINESS!!!: As always there were fantastic business classes and opportunities:

Jay Beecher on “The Way To Financial Success”

Terri Wojak of Viviscal on “Through Thin and Thick…from Science to Style”

Van Council and Susan Dykstra on “Intentional Culture”

Robert Heim and the Hairdreams Artistic Group on Hairdreams Applicator “From Evolution to Revolution”

Bart Foreman on Evolution: It’s What Gets You to the Age of NOW!

Allyson King on how to Build the Business You Want

Jeff South on Building Community

WHAT IS INTERCOIFFURE AMERICA/CANADA (ICA): ICA is an 84 year old international organization. The global site defines Intercoiffure as “The most powerful and influential organization in the hair dressing industry. Only the highest prized leading hair salon owners hold membership into this organization. The Intercoiffure organization determines the standards of our industry and shares this responsibility with membership from over 50 other countries.” The US/Canada group has 280 US members. Says Frank Gambuzza, Intercoiffure President, “Our goal is to collect the best salon owners in America and Canada to share our knowledge, passion and best practices, to continue to advance the integrity of commission based salons who desire to be EXCELLENT and belong to a loving caring club of Salon Owner/Hairdressers and Barbers." Joining requires an invitation, application and review. The US/Canada group is seeking new members. Adds Gambuzza “We are seeking members who want to be a part of the best. The phrase ‘JOIN THE ELITE' is our newest slogan.”  Applications can be found on the ICA web-site:


-Van Council, ICA Artistic Director and salon owner: After asking his audience to complete the sentence “Time is ______,”  Council responded, “Time is not money, value is money”. He also included his reaction to the concern of the emergence and popularity of suite salons: “A snowflake is not stronger than an avalanche.”

-Frank Gambuzza, Intercoiffure President:” Intercoiffure is ‘On Fire.’ The Independence of the organization is attracting the young, bright talent of America and Canada's commission based salons. The melding of the industries best hairdressers, that represent the best products, jammed together for two days, fuel the beauty business in an extremely upbeat way.”

- Bob Press, owner of Changing Heads, Tappan, New York : “The Atelier was awe inspiring! Having Industry legends Howard Leighton to Jeanne Braa speaking before us to the panel of editors share the information you look for to Van Council speaking candidly about the way he runs his business, where else could you have this all in front of you simply amazing!”

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