Artist Session: Adorned

Elizabeth Jakaitis | May 2, 2016 | 6:12 AM
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Tortoise Festival

Matrix and Hot Tools educator and stylist Detra Smith, of Hannah and Me, Moulton, Alabama, brought a tapestry headband to use for this Artist Session, her fourth. “I pre-colored HairUWear Pro extensions using a tortoise water color technique,” Smith says. “I then connected two clips in together, placed on an embroidery hoop and threaded with tapestry thread. It’s a marriage of gold, yellow copper and brown for a true melted water color e ect.” Smith points out that this shading is di erent from ecaille in that it is not melted. “It’s mottled,” she says. “It’s quite modern and the next generation of this color trend.”

At the most recent Artist Session (MODERN’s photoshoot workshop) several of the artists reached deep into their bag of tricks to “dress” the hair for a variety festive occasions. Some of the artists who had attended in the past prepared far in advance, bringing accessories, extensions, headbands and additional adornments. There’s a little something here for just about any wedding, prom, red carpet or special event. 

Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Makeup: David Maderich for M.A.C. Cosmetics Fashion
Styling: Rod Novoa, assisted by Dennis Pinto
Nails: Gino Trunzo using essie 

Irons: TexturIron by Sam Villa, Hot Tools, Beauty & Pin Ups Pin Curl Iron, Fuel flatiron
Stylers: RSession Root Control, Oribe Root Concealer in blonde and red
Brushes: Rusk
Blowdryer: Rusk CTC Lite
Clipper: Andis Stylist Combo
Teasing Comb: Kardashian Beauty
Accessories: Kenig NYC clips and bungees 


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