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Hannah's First Guest! Plus, What it's Like Working at a Fashion Show

Hannah Barnette | May 4, 2016 | 8:32 AM
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Hello Everyone,

I am so excited to share with you guys what I have learned in the past couple weeks!

I started a new phase three weeks ago. We have learned concave layers, triangular long layers, ombre, and balayage. Triangular long layers was a very easy haircut! I love it though! The look of it is so pretty because you can keep the length, but fill your hair with movement and layers. Having to pull the hair straight out from the head, at a 90-degree, is a satisfying feeling. I really enjoy haircuts! I didn’t know I was going to like cutting hair. I thought I was going to be amazing at color, but I like cutting WAY better.

Concave layers was a little harder. The traveling guide messed me up a couple times. I really enjoy the traveling guide though, it reminds me of any graduated haircut. It’s funny to see both haircuts on the manikins because they kind of look like mullets.

Ombre and Balayage are very similar. You can distribute the color randomly on the ends, but for a balayage, a couple pieces are brought up to the new growth. We worked more on Ombre than Balayage. They taught us to ping pong back and forth from the left to the right sides of the head. They also told us to keep a pattern going. So, I would do sort of an A-shaping on the left side and the right. Then, in my next section, I would do sort of a V-shape on the left and right side of the head. I thought I was going to like doing Ombre and Balayage, but I am not a fan of those either.

Last Saturday, My class and I had the opportunity to do hair for a student fashion show. High Schools from all around Charlotte made outfits out of recycled material and worked them on the runway! They needed a makeup and hair team, so AVEDA took over!

There were about 20 models and about 12 of us! Each of us worked on at least two girls. I love the teased, funky look I did for this girl. Her hair was nice and short, so I did a spicy, spiked look. The sides were pulled back and the back came to a point. This event included moms, dads, judges, and friends. Hearing the wonderful feedback they had about our school was amazing!

We also started taking guests the past couple weeks. This past weekend I received my first guest! It was my sister and her boyfriend.

I was nervous about the guy’s cut because I have only done two of those in my life. Both of which I did before I started school and neither of them were guided very well. However, I thought I did a pretty good job with it!

My new clippers, that I hadn’t gotten to use yet, kept pulling at his head. That was very frustrating and I felt bad. I am sitting here thinking they expected this because I am just a student, but it’s okay because I stayed confident in myself and enjoyed doing it.

When my sister sat in my chair, I was nervous. This girl can be very particular. She wanted her hair to be nice and healthy again, so I showed her how much needed to cut off. About 2 and a half inches.

Once I cut the perimeter, she freaked! She said, “Oh my goodness! That looks like so much!”….it really wasn’t. After cutting the perimeter, I cut triangular long layers into her hair. She LOVES it and I am SO relieved. I was lucky enough to have people I know be my first guests. That was Friday…

On Saturday, I had my first OFFICIAL guest. A complete stranger. This woman was so sweet! She was asking me all about our Shampure Dry Shampoo, our Pure Abundance products, and all different kinds of stuff.

I was impressed with myself on how well I got to know and understand each product. She seemed SO interested. The entire time she was in my chair, I felt like I was just talking to my aunt. We were talking about family, friends, clothes, life, everything. It was great.

Luckily, this woman wanted a triangular long layered hair cut! I thought, “Hmm! I just did that yesterday on my sister’s head!” It was so fun, quick, and easy!

She ended up prebooking with me for a partial foil to give her some nice sunkissed highlights for the summer. Also, after ALL that product talk, SHE BOUGHT SOME PRODUCT! I was very proud of myself!

The haircut turned out great, she loved it, she prebooked, and she bought product! First guest, EVER!

I can’t wait to find out what I learn this week. I will share with you all soon!

Hannah Barnette

AVEDA Cosmetology Student 2016

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