Razor Cutting 101 - To Razor or not to Razor?

Lauren Salapatek | May 12, 2016 | 8:39 AM
Master Hairstylist Katsumi Kasai
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Textured haircut!
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Master Hairstylist Katsumi Kasai cutting/styling hair.
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Edgy Bangs
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Haircolor by Maica at Kasai Hair in Manhattan Beach, CA
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Haircut by Master Hairstylist Katsumi Kasai
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Razor cutting can be a valuable skill as a hairstylist - and it can add a lot of "effects" that traditional shears cannot do.

According to Master Razor Cutter Nick Arrojo and, using a razor helps add more “swing” and movement in the hair. If you’re looking to create a more jagged, disheveled line, or you’re trying to redefine the texture in the hair – razor cutting may be your go-to. You can also use razor cutting to thin out thicker textures; or you can use the technique to create short, messy and undone hairstyles. Using a razor can also help create soft-shaped layers!

Razor cutting is an important skill to learn and can really work for the right hair types if it’s done well,” says Master Hairstylist Katsumi Kasai. “However, it’s also something that can adversely affect a client’s hairstyle and texture if done the wrong way.”

Kasai recommends all stylists get a thorough education in razor cutting to be able to judge if a razor cut will be right for a client and then how to properly execute it.

“A razor can give the hair a massive amount of taper and random texture,” says Kasai. “Shears cannot achieve this, and it takes much more time to get a similar result. However, a razor could over taper and damage the ends if not done properly.”

Kasai says, it’s a great tool, but it can also be really damaging if done improperly on the wrong kind of hair type. Shears give more healthy ends, and lets you control the details.

So which tool should you use next time - a razor or shears? Hopefully these tips will help you decide!

Check out more of Kasai's hairstyles and haircuts on the Kasai Hair Instagram page: @kasaihair

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