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Challenge Participants Make One Simple Change

Rosanne Ullman | May 18, 2016 | 9:50 AM
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Our May Healthy Hairdresser Challenge asks you to commit to “one simple change” that will improve your body, spirit or business. Everyone who takes the May Challenge is eligible to win a gift package of a full set of salon products and treatments (a $255 salon purchase value) from this month’s Healthy Hairdresser sponsor, Malibu C, and our first 100 participants will receive the brand’s Malibu Makeover Kit.

So far, we’re getting some great ideas from you! Many of you are going to walk more—and you’re smart to find some hills to walk on! Eating healthier foods and drinking a lot more water are also on your goal list.

LaTanya W. covers everything with the simple choice “to start putting ME first. I always put others first, but I need to take care of me—simply by eating better, exercising and taking time to focus on how I can be more productive....No guilt involved because I took care of me!”
Other responses include:
Patricia H.—There is an exercise group in town that starts at 5 am. I’m going to commit to going.
Kendrah M.—I want to go to bed an hour earlier each night—to be feeling more energized at work, more motivated to take on my goals!
Erin C.—Start wearing compression stockings for work on a daily basis. I am hoping to help relieve the pressure and soreness in my legs and feet from standing all day!
Robin P.—Wake up 10 minutes early to make myself eat and pack a healthy lunch to kickstart a kick-ass day!
Christina T.—Reflect on three positive things about my day. I focus too much on the negative. Positive mind, positive results! I hope to see a more positive me with less anxiety, fewer mood swings. If I’m positive, good things will come.
Carla H.—I am going to move as much as possible. I used to think of fitness as all or nothing. Now I fit in fitness at any time and enjoy it when I can, without thinking that I’m not doing enough, so why bother. Any exercise is better than no exercise. I hope to feel more energetic, and I want to see looser clothing!
Jessica Z.—To give out more compliments throughout my day to spread kindness and positivity and make others feel good. In return, I’ll feel good.
Loana C.—Drink only one mug of home-brewed coffee daily, with only one teaspoon of sugar and no cream—sleep better at night, lose a little of my addiction to sweet and maybe even lose a little weight.
Paula B.—Send one card a day to someone to pick up new customers.
Tracey N.—My one simple thing is accountability. I just did a weight loss challenge, and the single most important thing was to have someone hold me accountable. This applies not just to weight loss, but also to salon goals, relationships and life in general. It’s easier and I have more follow-through when I have to report to someone else.


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