Few 'Dours Down: Nevena Rothe's Modern Take on Classic Men's Silhouettes

Elizabeth Jakaitis | May 31, 2016 | 8:30 AM
“The modern pompadour requires lots of support which is best achieved through cutting and products.” —NEVENA ROTHE
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“Apply a generous amount of product on the palm to create a sleek finish and use your fingers to add separation. Your best tool is your hand.” —NEVENA ROTHE
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“The modern pompadour has a more natural feel.” —NEVENA ROTHE
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Isn’t it great when iconic silhouettes return—and return with a vengeance? Although the Elvis-inspired pompadour never really disappeared, it is coming back strong, made fresh with modernized upgrades. Here are two takes on the classic look by American Crew International All Star Nevena Rothe.

Elvis Presley’s classically cool pompadours through time inspire American Crew International All Star Nevena Rothe in her recreation of the modernized look she describes as masculine, lean, tall and square.


“The most common problem today is the length of the hair,” says Chicago-based Rothe. As a result, she utilizes multiple cutting techniques and products to add lift to the shape. “One of the best techniques is to cut with shear over comb with horizontal positioning and overdirection,” she says. “Internal razoring along the top adds extra support.”


Rothe applies multiple products for shine, hold and separation, but her go-to product is Boost Powder. “I use it on just about every cut,” she says. “It adds the fullness, lift and dimension that is needed to result in the perfect Elvis.”


Hair: Nevena Rothe, American Crew International All Star

Photography: Roberto Ligresti

Makeup: David Maderich

Fashion styling: Donald Hicks, assisted by Anna Diallo


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