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Galaxy Color Success, Salon Tours and More Appointments for Hannah!

Hannah Barnette | June 3, 2016 | 6:49 AM
Galaxy Haircolor!
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From left: Before and After (Top of head)
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From left: Before and After (Back of head)
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Hello Everyone!

I’m back! The past two weeks have been pretty busy! I’ve had A LOT of appointments!

Thursday and Friday of last week were pretty uneventful. Saturday, though, was AMAZING! I know I have talked a lot about liking cuts and not being a huge fan of foiling, but…on Saturday morning that all changed.


My teacher grabbed me to help a Masters student with a color application. The Master’s student asked for someone who was good with color and fast. I felt very honored that my instructor picked me to help! J This client walked in with box color red dye on her hair and about 1” to 1 ½ inches of level 6 new growth.

Our client showed us what I like to call, solar system hair. She wanted us to completely lift her out all of the red and apply pink, blue, purple, and green to her hair. I was ALL for it! I LOVE fun colors like that.

After the Masters student lightened half of her head and I lightened the other half, we found out that the Masters student had another appointment coming in soon. THEY PASSED THE APPOINTMENT OFF TO ME! It was VERY nerve-wracking, but wonderful!

It took a half hour for her hair to lift to about a level 8. I decided to take the foils out. Her hair was now a rose-yellow color. For her new growth, we decided to go with a deposit only of a level 6. I decided on deposit only because I wasn’t completely sure how long it would take me to color the rest of her hair. I didn’t want the color processing too much if I used any other volume other than 5.

After going through the new growth with the deposit only, I sectioned her from nose to nape and then a headband. I took a diagonal subsection from her back left quadrant. It was probably around 1” to ½”. I took a ribbon size piece of hair from that subsection and applied purple. The next ribbon was be blue, the next green, and the next pink.

I randomly went all the way up that back left quadrant. Then, I started on the back right quadrant, then the top left, and then the top right. The process for the colors was about a half hour. My client was at the Institute from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., but it was SO worth it! I loved it and so did she! That is the most important part. Pictures will be below!


This past Thursday my class and I went on salon tours. That was a lot of fun! We went to about five salons. We were supposed to go to seven, but that didn’t work out.

I was very interested in checking out a men’s grooming salon, but we didn’t have enough time. Honestly, many of the salons didn’t stand out to me, but it’s okay! There are SO many options to choose from!

When we got back to school I completed a men’s cut. I wasn’t expecting to have one in the last hour of school. One of my instructors taught me a GREAT way to blend. She mixed two guards and then did the clipper-over-comb technique. I literally repeated what she did and it looked great!


Friday felt busier than my Saturday did. I completed a half-head foil and cut! I was excited to see if she had short or long hair. She ended up having short hair, which was nice for time. I had another student help me. We lightened her to about a level 10. She lifted VERY well.

Then, we toned it to give it a bit of an ash color. After the partial, my instructor taught me how to do a faster and more convenient graduated bob. It was SO cute and she loved it too!

Afterwards, I had a walk-in guest. I gave her a beautiful, volumized, but sleek blowout and refreshed her ends.

After that client, I was ready to do a botanical treatment about an hour before we were done, but my client didn’t’ show up. I learned more Universal Theory. We learned about gel and acrylic nails.

Saturday was exciting! I had an appointment that was pre-booked with me a couple of weeks ago. She was the sweetest! We did a partial foil with color all over and had a decent amount of gray in her hair.

She had a bit of blonde and then a little bit of brown. I first tackled the partial foil. After that, I put a level 6 all over. In between each foil for the highlights and the rest of her hair that was out. I was able to keep her lightener in the entire time the color processed. It processed for about 30 minutes. She LOVED it!

Her gray was gone and she thought it was a great change! She said it was so different and she couldn’t wait to show her fiancé! The only bad thing was I forgot to wear gloves! So now…CURRENTLY…my hands are brown! :P I know! I really do need to remember because it’s very unhealthy to not wear gloves to color. From now on, I WON’T forget! Other than that I had no other guests on Saturday.

ALSO, I sold three products in one day, which was pretty cool! Can’t wait to see what I’ll learn and do next week! Talk to you professionals later!

Thank you,

Hannah Barnette

AVEDA Institute Charlotte

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