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Take the June Healthy Hairdresser Challenge: How Do You Encourage Team Involvement?

June 8, 2016 | 10:12 AM

Almost everything in the salon works better when the entire team focuses on one goal, one great result. Striving to improve your personal health inside and out of the salon is no exception. There can be great benefit when you and your colleagues decide to work together and support each other. That’s why the June Healthy Hairdresser Challenge encourages everyone to get involved!

Everyone who enters their salon team into the June Healthy Hairdresser Challenge is automatically eligible for a drawing to win a great gift from sponsor Sport Clips--a beautiful sterling silver Luci Ring, to protect your most valuable tool—your hand—from nicks and cuts from shears ($90 value; see

One lucky entry, chosen by the editors of MODERN SALON, will earn Luci Rings for your entire salon team of stylists, and a special spotlight in MODERN!

Take the June 2016 Healthy Hairdresser Challenge!

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Healthy Hairdresser
Healthy Hairdresser

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