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Salon Break: Summertime is Family Vacation Time

Rosanne Ullman | June 12, 2016 | 3:29 PM
Photo By travnikovstudio for Getty Images

Taking time away from the salon this summer to spend time with your family? You may agree with a recent Groupon survey finding that parents believe their kids are 18 times more likely to benefit from an experience than a toy. Don’t follow the 57% of respondents who said they have nothing fun or exciting planned for the family this summer!

“Many parents aren’t aware of the number of affordable local activities they can do with their children over the summer months,” says Groupon spokesman Greg Rudin. “By taking full advantage of the amazing things to do in and around their neighborhood, building long-lasting family memories can be done on just about any budget.”

The research indicated that the average family will travel nearly 600 miles together over the summer, with most vacation destinations between four and five hours away by car and 85% of parents looking for options within their home state. West Coast families were the most likely to go abroad; Midwest families were the least likely. Top “dream destinations” included Disneyland, Hawaii and Australia.

Forgetting about the “dream” and being more realistic, the poll identified the top ten destinations for families this summer:

  1. Beach
  2. Water park/amusement park
  3. BBQ
  4. Out-of-state visit to friends/relatives
  5. Movies
  6. Road trip
  7. Hotel stay
  8. Camping
  9. National monument visit
  10. Fishing

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