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Pulp Riot Partners with Luxury Brand Partners

Jamie Newman | June 15, 2016 | 11:44 AM
Members of Butterfly Cirucs, including David Thurston, at a Chicago event. (photo credit: Jamie Newman)
Photo By Jamie Newman

Haircolor company Pulp Riot is joining forces with the Luxury Brand Partners umbrella of brands. 

“When looking for partners, our ultimate goal was to find fun, cool people with entrepreneurial mindsets, who have the experience to help tackle challenges, the resources to fuel growth and the guts to be disruptive," says David Thurston, CEO, Pulp Riot. "We met with many potential partners, but Luxury Brand Partners was the only company to check off all of the boxes.” 

Pulp Riot is a collaborative effort by Thurston and his wife, Alexis, as well as the stylists and educators who make up Butterfly Circus, including Rickey Zito, Ash Fortis, Jay Wesley Olson, Iris Smith, Linh Phan and Jenny Strebe. These artists helped in formulating the color line, and will continue to be involved with Pulp Riot's education, product development and marketing. 

LBP will help Pulp Riot by enhancing the color line's reach into professional salons, while Pulp Riot fills a void that LBP had in the creative color category, together creating a partnership benefitting one another. 

“The Thurstons have a history of creating successful companies that transform the beauty industry," says Tev Finger, CEO, LBP. "We feel that by combining our shared values, vision and goals, this new alliance will lead to a substantial and dynamic partnership."

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