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Macaron Haircolor Formula and Step-by-Step by @shelleygregoryhair

Alison Alhamed | June 24, 2016 | 7:14 AM
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We can remember when @shelleygregoryhair had only a handful of Instagram followers—we were early followers of the Las Vegas-based colorist/stylist because her hair creations were always so beautiful.

But everything changed in November 2015 when Shelley, inspired by a fellow Instagrammer, posted the progress shots of her “candy unicorn” haircolor creation, formulated with Pravana Pastels, and, of course, the glorious “after.”

It wasn’t long before the regrams and media mentions and nearly 50,000 followers came poring in. When @modernsalon regrammed the photo, thousands and thousands of likes and comments piled up fast. We always knew we wanted to track down her step by step for the look—and, at long last, here it is!

“My inspiration was the feeling and visual you get when walking into the Laduree macaron shop in Paris,” Shelley says. “All the pastels and polished surfaces.”

Step 1: Begin by pre-lightening the hair to a Level 10.

Step 2: Mix in seven separate bowls: Pravana Pastels Silver, Too Cute Coral, Mystic Mint, Violet + Clear (1:2), Blissful Blue, Pink, Yellow

Step 3: Apply the violet mixture to the entire base of the hair feathering about 1.5 inches out.

Step 4: Starting from the bottom nape, take diamond- and triangle-shaped sections, alternating the size of the section depending on density (1"-.5"). Apply Embee Meche strips between sections to keep clean (EDITOR’S NOTE: @embee.meche is another Instagram page you should be following!)

Step 5: Paint each section at least 2-3 colors alternating mid-shaft to ends, (Shelley even did a few rainbow strands with all the colors) trying to keep lighter colors where you want the light to reflect (i.e. around the face and ends) and darker where you want depth.

Step 6: Process without heat for 30 minutes, then rinse with cool water and condition.


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