Formula: Denim Haircolor

Maggie Mulhern | July 11, 2016 | 5:48 PM

Pravana’s new Product Development intern, Ariel, is embracing the denim hair trend and is sharing the ChromaSilk and VIVIDS formulas, incorporating two different blue hues to add dimension and edge to the look.


Dark Wash Denim: 15 grams VIVIDS Blue Topaz + 15 grams VIVIDS Blue + 9 grams VIVIDS Black + 6 grams VIVIDS Clear

Light Wash Denim: 12 grams Locked-In Teal + 3 grams VIVIDS Blue Topaz + 8 grams PASTELS Mystical Mint

Blue-Black Base: ChromaSilk 1N + 2 inches of Blue Corrector

Model/Stylist: Ariel Lebron @a.mermaidxo

Makeup: Jenna Phalouka @jenna_dolly

Wardrobe: Caisa Airmet @caisadilla

Photographer: Huck Hinshaw @pleasantlycavingin

Photo courtesy of PRAVANA @pravana

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