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AND THE WINNER IS: Colortrak's Summer Of Color Contest Winner Announced

Maggie Mulhern | July 13, 2016 | 10:53 AM


The entries flooded in for the Colortrak Summer of Color Contest, taking the competition to a new level. More than 1,350 artists entered during the 1-month competition period, celebrating Instagram hair color transformations. Erica Keelen (@ericakeelen_hair_love) was just anounced as the grand prize winner. 

A freelance stylist and educator working in Jacksonville Beach, Fl., Keelen works with her own clients and mentors apprentices. With a genuine passion for editorial hairstyling, building collections and sharing this passion and experience with others, Keelen has won Pravana’s “Show Us Your Vivids” in 2015, won the Oribe Front Row Instagram contest earlier this year, and was a semifinalist in the NAHA Hair Color category (2015) and Goldwell Color Zoom Challenge (2014).  Not surprisingly, Keelen's work has been published in many industry magazines.

Keelen now adds the ‘Colortrak’s “Summer of Color 2016” Contest Winner’ to her long list of accomplishments. As part of her prize package, the artist will receive an all expense paid trip to New York to attend Artist Session  - MODERN'S editorial photoshoot workshop, and a set of the new Colortrak Electric Neon Collection. The overall value amounts to $4K. Colortrak, the competition sponsor, offers high quality and innovative tools and accessories for the professional colorist. 

Keelen shares the formulas and steps used to transform her model. All Color was by Goldwell and all accessories were by Colortrak:

·       Formula A:  40ml 9% lotion + 10ml Topchic 7SB + 25ml Topchic 5MB + 5ml Topchic 6K

·       Formula B:  40ml 12% lotion + 20ml Topchic 7SB + 15ml Topchic 5MB + 5ml Topchic 6K

·       Formula C:  40ml 6% lotion + 10ml Topchic 6G + 10ml Topchic 5GB + 15ml Topchic 6MB + 5ml Topchic 6K

·       Formula D: (Deconstructed Purple): 10g Elumen [email protected] + 10g Elumen [email protected]

·       Formula E: (Deconstructed Blue): 10g Elumen [email protected] + 10g Elumen [email protected]

·       Formula F: (Deconstructed Green): 5g Elumen [email protected] + 5g Elumen [email protected] + 10g Elumen [email protected]

·       Formula G: (Deconstructed Yellow): 10g Elumen [email protected] + 10g Elumen [email protected]

Step 1: First four sections of back to back 1/8" slices were pre-lightened with Oxycur Platin and 9% lotion along the part and three parallel sections running horizontally across the top of the head.

Step 2: Once processed, the hair was shampooed with Goldwell Fade Stop shampoo.

Step 3: Elumen Lock was applied for 5 minutes, followed by 2 parts Colorance 9 Icy to 1 part Colorance 10 Icy for 5 minutes to silverize the hair.

Step 4: On dry hair, diagonal forward slices were utilized working from the front of the head back along the prelightened part.

Step 5: In each foil either formula D, E, F or G was painted down 1 1/2" from the scalp transitioning into formula C on all foils.

Step 6: In the front and back panels through the top of the head, foils were alternated, some transitioning from formula D to formula E and others from formula G to formula F.

Step 7: In the center panel some foils transitioned from formula D to formula E and others transitioned from formula F to formula G.

Step 8: All remaining hair was then colored with formula A at the natural base, formula B through the natural mid-shaft and formula C on the prelightened ends.

Step 9: Once processed, the hair was once again shampooed with Goldwell fade stop shampoo, conditioned with Goldwell fade stop conditioner and styled.

Photo details:

·       Stylist: @ericakeelen_hair_love

·       Model: @elena_honey

·       Photographer: @daryna_barykina

the winning entry:

Erica Keelen:



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