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Strawberry Blonde to Dimensional Blue Hair Makeover by Hannah Barnette

Lauren Salapatek | July 18, 2016 | 9:14 AM
(Front) Finished blue makeover look.
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Top (Finished Look)
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Before makeover
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During makeover
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Last week I started my new phase as a MASTER JUNIOR! I am so excited to be able to call myself a master student. I can't believe how fast this year is flying by! I now have a new instructor, who I am so thrilled to work with. She specializes in men’s cuts and I am very interested in those! I can’t wait to expand my knowledge and skill level.

Last week wasn’t too busy. Our school was pretty dead—especially on a Saturday, which is unusual. I had a guest on Saturday who was amazing! She told me that she loved my work and that she was definitely coming to me until I graduate in December! I did a retouch on her new growth and a haircut. We were having such a blast, that I completely forgot to take a before and after picture! But don’t worry! I have a during picture! She bought two products off of me and pre-booked! I love getting new clients!

I also had a textured hair blowout on Saturday. She was a return request. She is very sweet and she was coming back to me to get her color touched up! I love seeing the results of a texturized blowout. They are very gratifying!

This week, I did a haircut, a texturized blowout, and a color/men’s cut! The haircut went great! We freshened up her ends and I gave her a little bit of movement. I started with a triangular one length and then added some triangular long layers. She is planning on coming back to get her color done by me! She also bought TWO products! Can’t wait to see her again!

I completed a textured blowout, which was very difficult. Her hair was very tangled, long, and thick. She is actually starting at the school in September. She wanted her hair nice and smooth and sleek. I used a flatiron on her hair as well. I used our smooth infusion line to get her hair nice and straight. I used smooth infusion style-prep, glossing straightener, and nourshing crème. Her hair was beautiful, long and very straight!

As seen in the slideshow:

The color process was actually a kid in my class. He started as a strawberry blonde-ish color. He was about a level 8. He wanted blue! We did an all over color of 4 grams of blue/blue deep, 2 grams of blue/gray deep with 5 volume. Then, I did three highlight slices of 6 grams of blue pure pigment with 5 volume to add dimension. It turned out AMAZING! I also did a faded cut on the sides and back of his head and left the top long. My new instructor taught the class a new way to fade for men’s cuts last week and I used it! It went very well and he loves it!

 Talk to you all in two weeks!

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