Lashes, Nails and Makeup: Chicago Artists Collaborate on Photoshoot

Jamie Newman | July 20, 2016 | 9:40 AM
Crowe painted a splatterpaint-inspired design on the nails with Essie polish.
Photo By Jordan Frey Photo 1 of 5
Joslyn-Rohner applied a mix of NovaLash American Volume extensions with colorful candied lashes.
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Andrea Samuels' work can be seen in fashion and commercial editorials published nationally and internationally.
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"My clients are a walking advertisement, I like my work to speak for itself," Joslyn-Rohner says. "I feel like word-of-mouth is so important in our industry. If someone loves your work they are going to tell everyone about it and if your work looks amazing people are going to notice and ask questions."
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The collection is called "Details in Full Bloom," zeroing in on lashes, nails and makeup alongside gorgeous flowers.
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When MODERN found out that Chicago-based beauty stars Ashley Crowe and Lindsey Joslyn-Rohner were collaborating on a photoshoot, we knew they had to make it into our annual Game Changers issue.

Crowe and Joslyn-Rohner’s paths crossed when Joslyn-Rohner first moved to Chicago.

“After unpacking boxes for days, I was desperate for a good manicure,” Joslyn-Rohner says. “I found Ashley (@astrowifey) on Instagram and immediately started stalking her page. Her work was unreal! I reached out and was lucky enough to get in her book.”

She liked Crowe immediately.

“Ashley isn’t just an amazing nail artist; she embodies everything art,” Joslyn-Rohner says. “She is thoughtful, passionate, hardworking, super funny and not afraid of speaking her mind.”

Since then, Joslyn-Rohner and Crowe serviced each other and developed a friendship and appreciation for eachtother’s arts.

The inspiration behind this shoot, called "Details in Full Bloom," was just that—showcasing recognition for each other’s work. The artists brought their own techniques to the table.

More commonly known by her social media pseudonym @astrowifey, Crowe is an Essie educator, freelance editorial manicurist and nail artist extraordinaire. Her claim to mani stardom is painting tiny works of artist on nails, from interpreting textile patterns to psychedelic nailscapes with varying shattered glass, linear designs or bejeweled adornments, to her notorious handpainted illustrations.

Joslyn-Rohner (@lashbeat) is a NovaLash educator and brand ambassador.

“I was sitting in the break room at work one day [as a full-time esthetician at a luxury day spa] reading MODERN SALON and came across an article about NovaLash,” Joslyn-Rohner says. “I thought, ‘Yes! This is what I’ve been waiting for, I could do that.’ After doing some research about the company and product, I signed up for the basic-training course. It’s the best decision I have made in my career.”

As an educator, Joslyn-Rohner wants her students to be inspired by their craft.

“Education is the foundation of any successful career, traditional or not,” Joslyn-Rohner says. “You must have strong technical skills in order to produce great work. And continuing education keeps you relevant and competitive.”

For more information on NovaLash and how to become a licensed artist, visit For more information on Essie education, visit

Lashes: Novalash Artist, Lindsey Rae Joslyn-Rohner (@lashbeat)
Nails: Essie Artist, Ashley Crowe (@astrowifey)
Makeup: Andrea C. Samuels
Photographer: Jordan Frey

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