Fingerwaves: Get the How-To for the Classic AND Modern Look

Maggie Mulhern | July 22, 2016 | 5:01 AM
The classic fingerwave.
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The modern "editorial" wave.
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The products and tools used to create this fingerwave.
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Classic 20's fingerwave images.
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The Moroccanoil Academy class takes a break.
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The class.
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Inspiration from Moroccanoil.
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Steven Turpin, Moroccanoil Global Ambassador.
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MODERN recently stopped by the Moroccanoil Academy in NYC to attend the "Reinventing The Reel" class. Five salon pros were there to learn how to recreate some of the most important looks from past decades.

"We took inspiration from top films and images from the '20s - '70s," Steven Turpin, Moroccanoil Global Ambassador, says. "The fingerwaves from the '20s has been, by far, the favorite look from each workshop."

Turpin shares how to create a PERFECT wave (both classic and modern) in this video and also shares his 5 tips to create the perfect modern wave:

1. Best to start with dry hair.

2. The goal is to shape to a "C." Use your palm to find the wave and then exaggerate the angle.

3. Make sure to pay special attention to the root. It must be set well with heat AT the root.

4. Use a 3/4-inch Marcel Iron (Turpin uses a Hot Tools iron) for the perfect shape.

5. When brushing the finished look, brush from the bottom and back and away. Never down.

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