Makeover: Effortless Beauty With A "Money Piece"

Maggie Mulhern | July 31, 2016 | 9:30 AM

Erik Gutierrez (@hairerik), owner of Agence Salon, San Dimas, California, (@agence_salon) says his client "came in with level 5 hair and warmth on the ends. She wanted to be brightened up with effortless lived in color."

Here Gutierrez shares how he accomplished this correction:

Step 1: Babylight the hair using Redken Flashlift, starting in the back nape area, placing in extremely small sections in a brick layer pattern. Increase the volume of the weave in each region as you work up the head. Once completed, "TIP" whatever is left out of foil. FOR TIP OR TIPPING: Backcomb small sections and balayage just the tips with Goldwell Silklift with 40 volume developer.

Face framing: At the face frame weave 3 back to back foils with Redken Flashlift with 25 volume developer. ("So I'm guaranteed that the frame will not be warm.")

Step 2: Once lifted to desired level, shampoo and condition with Oribe Gold Lust. Return to the chair to add a root shadow. Cover the babylights on the root with Redken Shades EQ 6n, 5n, 7v, and 6t ("I like my browns on the matte side.") Then take a fine tooth comb and drag the color down, blending the mid shaft with the right amount of pressure and product. "When I get to the money pieces or frame I don't drag the color down I keep it on the root with a blend."

Step 3: Process for 8 minutes, rinse and prep the hair for a second toner for the ends. Apply Redken Shades EQ 9v, 9t, 9p and Crystal Clear from mids to ends. Process for 5 minutes. 

Phase 4: Dry and style using Oribe Crème for style and Oribe Après Beach Spray for separation and a beachy look.

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