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Healthy Hairdresser Hero: Mary Beth Janssen

Lauren Salapatek | August 1, 2016 | 8:45 AM
Mary Beth Janssen, a health and wellness advisor to Healthy Hairdresser August sponsor Parodi.

“If you think you’re your body, you’re mistaken,” says salon industry health guru Mary Beth Janssen, a health and wellness advisor to Healthy Hairdresser August sponsor PARODI Professional Care.  “Your body is always changing and transforming. Every minute we shed 100,000 skin cells! On a molecular level, our organs turn over regularly. We have the power to guide this transformation with our mindfulness/presence and intention. Energy follows intention!”

Janssen shares with Healthy Hairdresser some of her thoughts regarding healthy mind, spirit and business:

Who looks up to me as healthy role model: I hope those whom I serve in my teachings and writings. I get feedback such as “This course is life-changing” and “My class with you is my most important hour I spend every week.”

Changes I’ve made to be healthier: It’s a continuing process. Mindfulness is the key to making the life-affirming choices that nurture wholeness in mind, body, spirit and environment, and I’m always working toward my “presence being omnipresent.”

Body position hairdressers should correct: Posture. As you’re doing a hair service, it takes just seconds to pause to do a yoga mountain pose with a neutral spine position and open, expanded chest to permit optimal breathing.

Shoes I wear to work: Since I teach eight yoga classes a week, I’m barefoot a lot. Otherwise, for optimal movement of energy through feet and toes, I wear no more than a two-inch heel with a wide toe box. Heels higher than two inches destabilize the spine and, thus, the nervous system; over time, this is very detrimental to the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems.

Favorite physical activity: Any activity done with full attention and mindfulness and an attitude of playfulness. Make it play, and then it’s not drudgery. I strive to follow the National Wellness Institute’s recommendation to get in three activities a day comprising cardiovascular, strengthening, and flexibility/stretching movements. My preference is a properly sequenced yoga class, which does all three.Favorite way to pamper myself: Having a 90-minute massage with a spectacular, highly trained massage therapist every two weeks plus a daily self-massage.

My professional mentors: (Pivot Point founder) Leo Passage, (integrative medicine pioneer) Deepak Chopra and (marketing and public relations professional) Vi Nelson have been my North Stars.

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