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How to Win at Men's Grooming with Sport Clips Coach and Artist Linda Casillas

Anne Moratto | August 9, 2016 | 12:17 PM

One of the Sport Clips Area Coaches who comprise the elite Sport Clips Artistic Team, Linda Casillas inspires and instructs the stylists of Sport Clips on how to create a stellar experience for every Sport Clips client. MODERN SALON asked Casillas to talk about why the men's game is one of the best games in town.

MS: Why is now a great time for stylists/cosmetologists to start learning more about men’s grooming?

LC: Stylists should feel comfortable performing a cut and style for any client, regardless of demographic. Men and boys make up a large part of the population and are great potential clients. Men’s grooming is extremely popular right now with a lot of exciting new products coming out and men’s cuts and styles dominating social media. Capitalizing on this trend can help a stylist to build his/her business.

MS: Do you recommend acquiring a barber license?

LC: Some states, like my home state of PA, have barber schools that offer cross-over programs, giving credit to cosmetologists for a portion of hours. This is a great option for anyone who wants to offer barber-exclusive services, such as straight razor shaves. As a cosmetologist specializing in men’s cutting, I have chosen not to acquire a barber license, but instead to take advanced continuing education in men’s haircutting from companies like Wahl, Paul Mitchell, and American Crew.

MS: Where can stylists go for great education?

LC: Hair shows are a great place to take several classes in one day on a wide variety of topics. Planning out which classes to take ahead of time maximizes time management and makes the number of choices less overwhelming. Distributors, such as Cosmoprof, offer classes through their stores on an ongoing basis, and product manufactures often have inspirational educational events, such as Paul Mitchell’s Gathering and Sexy Hair’s Santa Monica Academy. Working for a salon that offers free continuing education is another great way to stay up on current trends and techniques. At Sport Clips we offer paid training for stylists on a wide range of skills, including haircutting, product recommendations, client service, and management.

MS: How are men different from women as salon clients?

LC: Some men are not as informed as women about haircare and skincare. They may appear disinterested, as no one may have educated them about products and styling in the past. And though they want to look good, it may not be at the top of their minds to ask. It is important to educate the male client about haircare, make personalized recommendations, and give him styling tips to use at home. This will inspire higher sales and client loyalty.

MS: What is your favorite look for men this Fall 2016?

LC: I really like the modified pompadour with a side part, maintaining disconnection on the light side of the part and blending in the heavy side.


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