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10 Ways to Celebrate National Romance Month

Rosanne Ullman | August 3, 2016 | 10:40 AM
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Every day should be romantic when you have someone special, but August specifically is designated as National Romance Month. These 10 tips for expressing the romance in your life have been compiled by the team at, which specializes in genuine designer fragrances, bath and body, cosmetics, skin care products and related gifts and accessories for men, women and children.

  1. Hold hands. The simple act of touching can signal to your partner that you are present and engaged. Walk hand-in-hand to the neighborhood park and sit on the swings or on a bench and take in the sunset. Just slow down and enjoy each other’s company.
  2. Text some love. “Pick up milk” and “Don’t forget it’s your turn to carpool” may be necessary texts, but an unexpected “I miss you” or “Hugs until I see you” can put a smile on your partner’s face.
  3. Communicate school. Leave a voicemail with a romantic message, pop a post-it on the bathroom mirror or leave a note in the gym bag expressing how much you appreciate having that person in your life.
  4. Share a sundae. What’s more romantic than one dish with two spoons? This nostalgic gesture can take you back to the early days of your relationship and help you feel youthful together.
  5. Pack lunch for your love. Prepare your honey’s favorite foods, including a little something sweet, with an equally sweet note. Making someone food is always a good thing!
  6. Have a home date. If you have young kids, this is a great way to enjoy your evening without the fuss and expense of a sitter. Light candles, order takeout from your favorite restaurant, put on some great tunes and you can have a very special evening. Whether you dance with the lights down low or watch a rom-com, your family room can be as romantic as a night on the town.
  7. Acknowledge the little things. Kudos at the workplace, a funny episode with the kids, purchasing a new couch—your partnership has many components, and even the small things, whether experienced individually or together, is worth noting.
  8. Brag. Tell your friends, tell your family and share on social media the things you find wonderful and extraordinary about your partner. Don’t keep it under wraps! Your partner will feel appreciated.
  9. Give a gift. When you know that your partner wants to pick up a certain book, has an eye on a piece of jewelry or loves a food that’s available only at that specialty shop across town, pick up the desired item and present it as a surprise—not for a birthday or anniversary, but for no reason at all.
  10. Wear a scent. Since these tips are from, this last one is no surprise! A signature scent can remind your partner of you, or if you switch it up you can surprise the person with spontaneity.




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