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Hannah Barnette's Haircutting Journey

Hannah Barnette | August 11, 2016 | 12:39 AM
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Hello everyone!

I feel like it has been awhile since I have talked to all of you! I hope everyone had a wonderful July! I cannot believe it’s already August! The year is flying by!

In the past couple of weeks I have been doing A LOT of haircuts - mostly women, some men.

Some of the haircuts have been dramatic and other ones have not. Mostly, they are just dustings off the bottom of their hair. I absolutely love dramatic haircuts, though.

SEE SLIDESHOW: Last week, I had this adorable, 15-year-old come in with pretty long hair. She wanted an angled bob when she left. This cut was pretty exciting because I got to put her hair in a ponytail and cut it off. It turned out super cute! She looked great with it too. She could definitely pull off long and short hair. For her cut, I did a triangular one length with some triangular long layers. I absolutely loved it.

Another adorable, young girl came to me a couple of weeks ago with some of the longest hair I have seen in a while. Her hair came to the end of my cape in the back. I have a picture I took to where you can see my foot telling you where the end of her hair is. I cut it to the top of the chair. She is so used to long hair, she thought it was short. She loved it, though. I thought it was still long though! :P For this cut, I believe I did a square one length with some triangular long layers. I did the triangular long layers instead of the long round layers, just to give it some slight movement.

Another woman I had, came in just looking for a bit of a trim. She had gorgeous hair! I loved the blowout I did on her hair too! Just to trim it, I did a slight triangular one length, but to add movement, I gave her some of my famous triangular long layers. I thought it turned out beautiful and she loved it!

The last woman I had this past week came in looking for a color AND a cut! Always exciting!

She came in with about a level 2 on her new growth, a level 6 red through her mid-lengths, a level 5 brunette for the other half of her mid-lengths, and about a level 7 honey brown on her ends. She wanted to leave the ashiest brown I have ever seen. It was very similar to ash blonde.

Well, I don’t know if it was a mix up when she scheduled it or she changed her mind after she scheduled it, but we couldn’t do it in the amount of time it was scheduled for. We were VERY busy this past weekend! Anyway, we explained to her that what we would have to do is pretty much color correct her hair. It would have been two processes, maybe more. That easily could take four hours. She didn’t have that time and neither did we.

I felt really bad because she was going on vacation and really wanted something different done to her hair.

We came to the conclusion that I would just cut her hair that day and then schedule a color correction appointment for her in four weeks when she gets back! So, that’s what we did. I gave her a square one length with slight triangular long layers. She wanted it all one length with just a bit of movement. She was happy with the result and she was excited to actually get her hair colored!

This past week was very exciting because I was on the list for having the highest product sales and service sales. I was actually on the list the week before as well. I am so proud of myself in what I am accomplishing! I cannot believe I only have four more months of this!


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