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Challenge Participants Reveal How to Celebrate Change

Rosanne Ullman | August 15, 2016 | 11:49 AM
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Our Healthy Hairdresser August Challenge, “Celebrate Change,” invites you to share the game-changer that helped you feel better physically or emotionally, or be more productive or creative at work. For going to our Challenge Page and participating, you may be among the 50 lucky participants to win a full size ($18 value) of the game-changing “Healthy Hairdresser Hero” product, Daily Moisturizing Hand Cream from Healthy Hairdresser sponsor Parodi Professional Care. Parodi is a salon brand created by a hair stylist that is dedicated to helping hairdressers feel great every day, all day long, with soothing, protective, specialized products for your most important—and vulnerable—tools: your hands, feet and legs.


In her entry, Anna G. agreed that this is a great Challenge question for stylists, who are accustomed to lots of change in products and fashion but have more trouble with personal change. Anna wrote, “The big game changer has been the small things—taking the classes, learning the new products, being present on social media. But most of all the big game changer for me this year is realizing that when a client sits in a chair, it’s more than a haircut, it’s more than a color. It’s about how our touch is a big game changer for that client who sits in our chair. For some of our clients, we are the only person who touches them physically. We see them more often than their family does. We give them a new haircut when they have a breakup or a baby or their wedding, so that's a game-changer! We need to remember that. We also need to stay on top of what’s going on in the salon industry and keep ourselves in the best physical health so we can give our clients everything they need.”


We’ve had so many great responses to this Challenge that this is a two-part report. Check back next week for more game-changers that stylists like you have found helpful in their lives. Here’s just five for the first group! 

  • I started doing Facebook live with some of my guests to show techniques in hairstyling forums and time lapse. It’s really made me excited about showing others what works for me, along with seeing how I work for myself. It’s great to gain confidence by doing new things, especially being ok with filming your own work and showing it to others!—Gabie V.
  • Learning to be in the moment. I was feeling harried and always second-guessing myself, which made my job very stressful. I learned to focus 100 percent on the task at hand. Now I  know I did my best—either on a client, on paperwork or on another project.—Jacqueline W.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast for more energy.—Brenda H.
  • I stopped double booking my whole day. When I realized it was starting to take a toll on my body (and a little on my mind), I started to be okay with telling people “no.” I always offer to book them for a future date. If they are meant to be my clients, they will be ok waiting—Amy T.
  • I’ve made it a goal to moisturize my hands every day and eat healthy food to keep my skin healthy, because I’m working with my hands, and that’s what clients see the most of.—Megan G.
  • My Game Changer was to cut out foods with high fructose corn syrup in them, eat as gluten-free as possible, eat more fruits, veggies and protein, and start a personal yoga type of regimen at home. I decided to do all this to lose weight, take care of my body, give me more mobility and flexibility and help get rid of bloating and belly fat. I put these into practice this year, and I feel better, look better and have lost weight. This all has given me a better attitude. I have clarity, energy and stamina to get more done in a day. I think my clients notice the difference.—Cherie B. 

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