Makeover: Going From Elsa To A More Natural Blonde

Maggie Mulhern | August 26, 2016 | 6:30 AM
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"Sydney has been a client of mine since she was in 6th grade and now is sophomore in college," says Jamie Park (@hairbyJpark) of J Park's Studio, Elkhart, Illinois.  "She's always been a blonde, but occasionally she throws a curve at me and we play!" Sydney previously had a root bump to blend in her natural level 8 roots. She had been away at college and the new environment grabbed warmth on her mids and ends.

On her last visit Sydney was ready to bring a little fall into her look.

Here Park shares how she added a little smudging at the root and tweaked the formula to add a little beige to her icy blonde:

•Using Redken Freehand Clay Lightener with 40 volume with Olaplex, paint gently at the root line. Saturate at the mids and ends.

•Process for 45 minutes, no heat and open air.

•Rinse and shampoo. Evaluate the root color. "I made the decision to do a soft root bump to create a natural seamless look."

•Section the hair into quadrants and apply Wella Illumina 10/69 with 10 volume to the roots. Let stand for 8 minutes.

•As the roots are processing, pull the color down through the mids and ends to give her the perfect tone and creates seamless blend. Process according to the manufacturers instructions and then rinse.

•Finish with an Olaplex treatment and style with a Babyliss 1.25" barrel.




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