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The Celebrate Change Challenge Report, Part 2

Rosanne Ullman | August 22, 2016 | 1:23 PM
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Last week, we shared some of the responses to the Healthy Hairdresser August Challenge, “Celebrate Change,” which invites you to identify a game-changer that helped you feel better physically or emotionally, or be more productive or creative at work. We promised that this week we’d follow up with more responses, because so many participants had inspiring stories.


You can still enter through August 31! You may be among the 50 lucky participants who win one of 50 full sizes of Daily Moisturizing Hand Cream from our sponsor, PARODI Professional Care


“Working in the salon full time really takes a toll on your body,” says participant Hannah J. “In order to take care of our clients, we need to first take care of ourselves. This year I started back into my career full time and decided to really take care of myself. My hips, legs, back—you name it—were all hurting after every shift. I invested in three pairs of Dansko shoes and a floor mat to help with the pain I was having. I still leave my shifts tired, but never aching and in pain anymore! This leaves me with more energy after a day at the salon, giving me a better work-life balance. I purchased wrist braces to help support proper wrist alignment at night as well. For my hands, which are eczema-prone and normally on the drier side, I’ve invested in lotions as well as using ointment and Bandaids on my days off to heal cracking. Next stop, compression socks!” (Healthy Hairdresser sponsor Stand + Deliver has great compression hosiery!)


More good ideas from our participants for game-changing your life:

  • I am learning new techniques after 22 years of doing hair. I am so excited to know that I can learn something new and be able to implement it. This industry is ever-changing, which keeps it interesting.—Betsy H.
  • The personal adjustment I made in the past year was not just stricter sanitation rules for my workday, but making sure that the effort was noticeable to my clients and other staff.  What prompted this action was a simple conversation with a former client who informed me that she now goes to another salon and the owners are cleaning all the time. Not that they do better hair or are more reasonable in prices, but she notices that they clean.—Elaine D.
  • I’ve adopted a vegan diet. After years of suffering from endometriosis and having had surgery to remove it, only to have it return, I’ve recently gone vegan to heal my body. Although at times it’s taken real determination and focus, I’m feeling better than ever and can tell that I’m finally headed in the right direction. Gone are the days of feeling helpless over my condition. Here’s to better days —Jeanea S.
  • I’ve started running and walking four or more miles a day—and drinking a lot of lemon water.—Denise M.
  • Taking more time with my clients. Sometimes you are the only person they have to talk to. I try to be sympathetic without taking it home with me. That was the hardest—letting someone know you care not only by making them look beautiful, but feel it, too!—Melissa P.
  • I started going to physical therapy/massage and getting an adjustment twice a month. This not only releases stress but also prevents me from getting back pains! It changed my posture and relieved a lot of the back pain I was getting after a long week. It made me more aware of my alignment and posture when I cut hair so that I am not hunched over.—Dora K.



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