Keune's Beyond Collection

Alison Alhamed | September 1, 2016 | 9:48 AM
Beyond Volume: Help her captivate a crowd with a little volume. Using a combination of Keune’s Volumizing range of products, hair was blow-dried with a paddle brush. A deep side part was created, and hair was barrel curled and clipped to set in a horizontal, brick-layed pattern. Once cool, Volume Powder was massaged into the crown and a teasing brush created a backbrushed base, and smoothed with a bristle brush.
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Beyond Color: A foundational spray of Thermal Protector will help protect her color from heat damage, while also adding shine and hold. Then, six curls were created on top of the head in a Mohawk section, and random sections were curled on the lengths below the Mohawk. All curls were broken up with Brilliant Gloss Spray, an oil-free formula to keep hair feeling clean while protecting against external influences.
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Beyond Texture: Reshape her norm and play around with a little texture. Mousse, Texture Spray and Shaping Fibres combine forces to create a bodyful, texturized finish sans frizz. Mousse Forte was applied on hair, then blowdried with a round brush. Lengths were misted with Texture Spray and curled using vertical placement on the sides and back. Once curls were cooled, Shaping Fibres were emulsified and raked through to break apart the texture.
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Beyond Smooth: She will always capture the spotlight at any occasion with smooth, flawless hair. Straight Cream and Sculpting Lotion were emulsified in palms and distributed throughout the hair. Hair was blow dried away from the face and secured into three large sections on each side of the head. Hair was spiraled with a 1 ½-inch iron, cooled, then combed through with a wide-tooth comb to create vintage-inspired waves.
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Keune’s Beyond Collection puts the spotlight on volume, texture, smoothing and color with commercial, salon-friendly looks that speak to the client.

“As hairdressers, we are responsible for more than educating ourselves,” says the Beyond photoshoot team of Keune educators and artists Carrie Juhasz Horton, Edward Woody, Chris Sulimay and Leah Vincent. “Our job is to educate our clients, because ultimately we only look as good as our clients do. This is about taking a client beyond the salon and providing them with great everyday styles they can recreate on their own.”

Hair: Carrie Juhasz Horton, Edward Woody, Chris Sulimay and Leah Vincent  |  Photography: Harold Daniels  |  Makeup: Nikki Gauvreau  |  Fashion styling: Darryl Anderson

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