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HOW-TO: Loose Undone Beach Waves

Jamie Newman | October 4, 2016 | 10:41 AM
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Mist the mid-shaft and ends with Paul Mitchell Texturizing Sea Spray.
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Rough dry with T3 Featherweight compact to give hair grit and hold. Control any growth patterns, such as whorls and cowlicks, using leafing and flat wrapping techniques with a sculpting brush.
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Locate the part and use Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Boost directly on the root throughout the top of the head in a horseshoe section along the parietal ridge.
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Using a sculpting brush, lift and over-direct the hair while blowdrying, finishing with a cold shot to set in the volume.
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Prep hair with Oribe Apres Wave Spray.
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Using a T3 Whirl Convertible 1.25" barrel, take random horizontal sections and alternate the direction of the curl, leaving out the last inch of hair.
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Around the hairline, create face-framing curls by starting the curl near the temple, with the curl direction moving away from the face.
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Let the hair cool in the curl pattern to set, allowing the curl to stretch out for a softer wave finish. If the client has very long, one-length hair, use a 1" barrel because the length will stretch the curl more.
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Break up curls with fingers once cooled. Then, go back in and customize texture to make sure waves fall in a shape that flatters the client's face and haircut. This means re-curling sections, straightening ends, adjust bends in the wave or deconstructing tight curls.
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Blend the waves together using a nylon and boar bristle brush. To preserve the volume, gently hold the hair at the top of the head and brush down.
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Mist Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray throughout to create volume and gritty texture. When working with fine hair, boost volume using Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray at the roots and the top of the crown. Or, when working with heavy/coarse hair, use Sexy Hair Powder Play in the same section to create lift.
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To create "fuzzies" or "wispies", as Nunez calls them, gently use palm of hand in circular motions at the top of the head, give a scalp massage to stimulate the roots...
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...pick out small sections through the surface of the waves by rubbing hair between thumb and forefinger while pulling it away from the head...
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...or expand the waves using the same thumb and forefinger technique using both hands.
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Finish with Oribe Apres Wave Spray on mid-shaft to ends to give shine and separation. Check out that tousled-tress perfection!
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Los Angeles-based stylist Veronica Nunez is known for creating "effortless" waves and "I woke up like this" styles on the models and clients she works with. Here, she gives us a step-by-step on one of her most requested looks (not to mention, the same one that racked up more than 8,000 likes when reposted to MODERN SALONS' Instagram page). 

"This look marries perfectly with color melt trends like the ombre, sombre, bayalage and flamboyage," Nunez says. "I love this look because you see the person and not a hairstyle, and your client can rework the texture with her hands without tools. Every decade has a definitive trend, and these deconstructed waves the wispy texture, which I refer to as 'tousled tresses', is in-demand at the moment."

Products used (in order):

Veronica Nunez for T3 Micro @veronica_nunez
​Makeup: Courtney Hagen for NARS @courtneyhagenmakeup
Photographer: Beth Sternbaum @bethsternbaum
Model: Alex Jay @_alexjay_


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