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More Cosmetology School Adventures from Hannah Barnette

Hannah Barnette | August 19, 2016 | 1:43 AM
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Hey everyone,

The past couple of weeks have been pretty busy. I love that though! The days are full of guests and they go by pretty fast. I have been getting 4+ guests on THURSDAYS. That is not common at all. I also went on salon tours again. They were visiting a couple of salons that we didn’t go to the first time, so I was able to go with them. I found about 4 places that I was interested in. They were very funky and different than most salons.

So, I have been so busy lately that I sometimes forget to take pictures. I have a couple for this week, but not as many as I should.

I did a cute blowout on this older lady. She actually wasn’t supposed to be my guest. Everyone was pretty busy that day or just wouldn’t take it. So I volunteered to take it! I got a free product out of it too! She didn’t have a ton of hair, but it definitely was fun to work with! It was a wispy, smooth blowout. I really liked the shape of her haircut. I wish I did it, but I can’t take credit for that! :P I used a small round brush for this blowout. I sectioned off a Mohawk and the two sides. I sectioned the Mohawk to give her a little volume at the top. I blew everything forward and then brought it all back when I was done. The side sections were just to give the sides a little bit of a different shape. I thought it turned out great and she loved it!

Another guest I had walked in with about three different colors in her hair. She already had a color growing out in her hair. Our plan was to give her a retouch with a darker color. So about a 4N, I believe. Then to enlighten the rest of her mids and ends. She wanted us to take the retouch to about half of her new growth and then to feather the rest down into her mids. She wanted to be blonde, but with a shadow root, pretty much. My friend and I started with the shadow root with just a normal retouch. Once we were done with that, we went back through each sectioned and feathered enlightener down her mids and ends. Then we toned it and it was done! I thought it turned out great! She seemed very happy with it. It turned out kind of rose gold-ish. I LOVE rose gold.

Two weeks ago, my friend extracted my hair for me. So, my ends were this ashy, brown color, my mids were a DARK brown, and then I had new growth coming in…..Extracting my hair just gets rid of the color you have on your hair at the time and takes it back to the color it was before that. My ends lifted to blonde. My mids lifted to a red-ish, blonde. My new growth lifted to blonde…. Matching my ends. That was weird. I really liked the color. It was a lot prettier than I expected! But…last week I got really bored and colored my hair PURPLE! I would have never done this on my own if I was not in Cosmetology school. I wouldn’t even know where to start. I sectioned my hair nose to nape. I outlined the left side and then went through the left side section by section just doing my new growth. I repeated that on the right side. Then I went back through and distributed the rest to my mids and ends. I LOVE it! I missed my purple hair a lot! I wish I was born with purple hair. We all want what we can’t have, right!?!

I cannot believe I will be done with school in less than 4 months. It is flying by! We have now mixed Masters Jr. and Masters Sr. together, so I am currently on the Masters Sr. floor! It is SO nice! There is SO much space for us to move around, the lighting is SO much better, and we have SO much more space for all of our tools.

I am very anxious to become a Masters Sr. in 3 weeks! Then only 12 weeks left! This is amazing! I am loving school and I love that I can share my experience with all of you!

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