Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017: Catwalk by TIGI Plays with Models' Individual Texture at Jonathan Simkhai

Jamie Newman | September 12, 2016 | 9:52 AM
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Designer Jonathan Simkhai's spring/summer 2017 collection was a parade or airy white, cream, blue, black and pale pink neutrals with ornate embroidery, beadwork and attention to detail. To complement the designs, Catwalk by TIGI artists, led by Thomas Osborn, TIGI U.S. creative director, left models' hair down and created ethereal hair styles tailored to the individual model's texture, adorned by a "grown up" hair wrap by braiding a small section of hair with string and pearl-looking beads. 


“This look is all about creating texture that isn’t too polished," Osborn says. "We wanted to keep hair down and natural-looking with an element of dry, roughness to highlight the collection inspired by beaches and deserts.The hair wrap adds a modern twist, evoking feelings of a distant place.”



STEP 1: Spray a generous amount of CATWALK by TIGI Texturising Salt Spray throughout dry hair to create a tousled, textured base. Blowdry hair while combing through with fingers in a backwards and upwards motion.

STEP 2: Divide hair at the nape. Wrap large sections of hair around a 1.5” curling iron without closing the clamp, leave ends out. After each section is released, gently rake through the hair with fingers to loosen the curl, creating an un-done bend. Use a flat iron on random pieces for a relaxed look.

STEP 3: Braid a small section of hair underneath the left ear and secure with an elastic. Measure a piece of thread that is three times the length of the braid. Beginning in the center of the thread at the top of the braid, wrap the thread around the braid in a criss-cross motion. Add in a large bead half-way down the braid by stringing it onto one side of the thread and tying a knot with the other. Finish with a second bead at the end of the braid.

STEP 4: Create a second braid underneath with thread without adding beads and a random surface braid loosely though the back on the opposite side.

STEP 5: Rub a dime-sized amount of CATWALK by TIGI Hairista cream throughout hands and rake through hair from mid-shaft to ends. Bend strands of hair as necessary to create a rough, messy look.

STEP 6: Finish with CATWALK by TIGI Transforming Dry Shampoo and CATWALK by TIGI Work


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