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Fashion Week Spring/Summer '17 HOW-TOs: China Glaze Proves Why Nail Art Isn't Going Away in 2017

Jamie Newman | September 15, 2016 | 1:13 PM
Miss Pop for China Glaze (left) at the Betty and Veronica by Rachel Antonoff show. Miss Pop created three nail art looks for the show.
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The "Fluttering Hearts" design was created by first applying base coat, followed by two coats of "white on white" color. Next, using a striper brush dipped in "hot flash", Miss Pop used short stroes to create a couple sketchy heart shapes (the wonkier the better) on each nail. She repeated this with pink "something sweet" polish. She topped this off with top coat, and once completely dry, used a fine point Sharpie permanent marker to outline the hearts.
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The "Comic Chit Chat" design began with a base color of either "white on white" and "pink or swim" polishes painted randomly on nails. Paint two coats on each nail and allow to dry. Using a striping brush dipped in "liquid leather" black polish. create a rectangle up the center of the nail from the cuticle on the pink nails. It should end about 2/3 of the way up the nail. On the white nails, use the bottle brush in the black polish and swipe in an arc to the left and then back to the right. This should create a large white half moon at the bottom of the nail. Fill in the rest of the nail with black polish; don't worry about perfecting the shape. Touch up the speech bubble with a striping brush if needed. Finish with top coat.
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Close-up of the "Fluttering Hearts" and "Comic Chit Chat" designs.
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The third design at Rachel Antonoff was called "Full Heart Reverse French". Use two coats of "white on white". Then, use pastel shades "sweet hook", "pink or swim", "re-fresh mint" or "don't be shallow" (all shown above), choosing one color for each set. Using the brush in the bottle, get a good bead of polish on the tip. Drop it down about 1/4 of the way up the nail from the cuticle, and to the left. Repeat on the right side of nail to create a heart. Finish with top coat.
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At Proenza Schouler, Nail Artist Honey created an abstract line design. “This season’s Proenza Schouler collection had a strong tribal influence that the designers’ wanted to capture with an ultra modern abstract line nail look,” said Honey. “I created a variety of six bold, freeform lines using "liquid leather" on a natural nail... Because I freehand painted the lines, no two models were identical; I love the individuality of the look yet it was so cohesive with the overall vibe of the collection.”
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To get the look, freeform paint lines using "liquid leather" over base coat. Finish with top coat.
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At Opening Ceremony's Fall II/Winter 2016 collection, the designer celebrated the story of American immigrants. The collection was accentuated by bold nails designed by China Glaze Nail Artist Naomi Yasuda.
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Yasuda created two designs for the show. The previous incorporated black, gray and primary colors and this used black, gray and blue.
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This look, called "Bold Stripes", was created with two coats of black "liquid leather" starting about three-quarters up the nail, leaving negative space at the bottom. Alternate between yellow "happy go lucky", "DJ blue my mind", greige "change your altitude" and poppy "hey sailor" and create a single horizontal stripe across the nail along the bottom of the black. Seal with top coat.
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Starting 1/4 of the way up the nail, paint one coat of "white on white" creating a wave effect. Leave the bottom of the nail natural to create negative space. Once dry, slightly above the bottom of the white wave, apply one coat of dark gray "concrete catwalk" to create a layered wave effect. Finish with another wave of "DJ blew my mind" and seal with top coat.
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Don't get us wrong, we love a great neutral nail as much as the next beauty buff, but sometimes at Fashion Week, the clothes get to have all of the fun. Well, not for models and China Glaze artists at  Rachel Antonoff, Opening Ceremony and Proenza Schouler! From stripes to squiggles, hearts to graphic designs, nail looks were as whimsical, bold and detail-oriented as the fashion designs themselves. 

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