Makeover: Old School To Hot Metallic

Maggie Mulhern | September 20, 2016 | 8:14 AM
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Presley Poe (@presleypoe), Artistic Director and Platform artist for Pravana, based at the Parlour, NE Portland, OR, says "I have been so inspired by the metallic hair trend I wanted to do my own showcase of a fall inspired metallic seasonal look."

This client came to Poe to model for the newly launched page @stylistsempoweringwomen (see details below). "Once a month I have chosen to take on one huge project, pro bono, to a deserving woman.  I encourage you to be a part of this movement of giving back through our platform as stylist!"

Here Poe shares the details for this lovely brushed metal finish (created with assistant @elliskate):  

Step 1: Lift to a level 9 with Pure Light Power Lightener: 3 parts developer 30 volume developer.

Step 2: Apply a base using Pravana Demi-Gloss Color Lush 3/4 4nb:1/4 6g-equal parts Activator.

Step 3: To the midshaft apply Pravana Color lush Demi-Gloss 3/4 6g:1/4 4nb 5grams gold additive. 

Step 4: To the left front quad ends (applying over previous lifted Magenta Pravana Vivids) Pravana Demi-Gloss Gold additive equal parts activator.

Step 5: To the right front/back ends apply Pravana Demi-Gloss 9v:9b-equal parts activator.


More about the #stylistsempoweringwomen (@stylistsempoweringwomen) movement:

"As stylists we a lot of us work a primarily with women every day, but I want to reach out to the women who can't afford getting their hair done, or just don't take the time for themselves, the ones who spend their time taking care of others.   

As a color specialist I have chosen specifically to focus on women because, unlike barbers, it's difficult to take all of our implements to the streets. We need many more amenities to create our vision. I realized a through my journey that a salon is the perfect space to really connect with people and give back to our community through art."

Pie encourages all professionals to be a part of this movement and says that all you need to do is:

1-choose a deserving woman

2- share his or her story

3- take before and after photos

4- hashtag #stylistsempoweringwomen, tag @stylistsempoweingwomen @presleypoe

MODERN will be following this page and tag. It's a wonderful program and we congratulate Presley Poe for helping people in need.

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