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Empower Men to Wear Makeup

Carlos Valenzuela | September 20, 2016 | 5:43 AM

When I shoot photos or do a video, someone will dust my face with powder, maybe a little concealer, apply a nice vanilla flavored lip balm, and voila—yes, I look a lot better. I leave the photo shoot pretending I forgot to take off my makeup because I really like the feeling of looking my best—not like someone else, just good for my age. You don’t really want me to wait for my open coffin opportunity to see how I look done up?

I can hear you now, that’s OK, Carlos, nobody says you can’t wear makeup. Un momento, I am not asking for permission, I will if I want to, my point here is why have we not done a better job at making it safe for men to admit they would like to wear makeup because many men already do. We took a giant step for mankind when men’s skincare was launched, finally bringing to the forefront the foregone fact that men shouldn’t wrinkle and dry up prematurely. 

We need to do a better job at getting makeup for men out of the case. How about an event entitled, “Face the Men” or “Blushing Men”—etc. Major makeup companies; step up to the plate because there is a lot of husband covert makeup dipping done daily. It’s not about coming up with a product line—the issue is with widespread acceptance, so add exposure to the idea via national in-store promotions. 

A coverage powder in a shave-type looking brush with a great SPF, an eyebrow gel to tame the brows in tow, a bronzer to use instead of blush or color, a great series of lip balms, take-it-off moist wipes, a downloadable series of lessons. Done.

Why am I so sure about this? Look around very carefully, there’s men wearing their partner’s make up everywhere. It’s time we make wearing good makeup totally safe for all.

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