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FASHION WEEK Q&A: Guido Does Texture, Wet and Sleek at NYFW S'S '17

Jamie Newman | September 21, 2016 | 12:30 PM
SHOW: AKRIS...“What we’re currently seeing as a trend on the runways are girls featured with their own ‘look’. Bringing out the girls’ individualities is so important to designers now. The designers are all casting very different girls – different hair textures, haircuts and hair looks to celebrate individuality. It’s amazing when you let your hair dry naturally. A lot of women don’t know what their natural texture is really like – they’re so used to blow-drying and styling, that they might have amazing texture and never know it. At this show, we’ve celebrated each girl’s natural texture. Of course, you can use products to control frizz and texture, like our Diamond Oil, but it’s great to see how your hair naturally falls. A great part, gre
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SHOW: BAJA EAST...“We’ve kept the hair really natural. As a result, every model has an individual look. The thing that really unifies all the models is the bandana – which actually adds a bit of masculinity to help give each girl a more androgynous look. It’s funny how putting a scarf around the hair can really add some masculinity with a bit of a hippie vibe. I’ve added a good amount of our Diamond Oil High Shine Air Mist into the lengths to give the models a bit of a sweaty look, like maybe they’ve been out all night dancing, so it doesn’t feel too pretty. The heavy shine with the bandana helps add some weight to the look.” – Guido
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SHOW: COACH...“The coolest girls in New York are in this show. It’s hair with attitude with clothes that are really desirable... The hair is reminiscent of a rebel teenage girl who is current and tough and can cross-over to being a bit tomboyish. To achieve the look, we are doing a messy middle part, drenching hair in Redken Diamond Oil High Shine, pulling a section away from the face and pinning it in the back, allowing sections on either side to hang over the ears to give a more boyish look.” – Guido
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SHOW: HUGO BOSS...“The hair at Hugo Boss is pulled back into a careful, sleek ponytail. We’ve amped the ponytail up and perfected it to sophisticate the look in a minimal way. With only three products, we’ve achieved a simple, yet elevated style, which makes the look a bit more special. You can also pull a few little pieces out to keep it a bit more natural.” – Guido
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SHOW: Kanye West...“We’ve got 250 models here at the Kanye West show. All are African American, so we’ve got lots of textured hair to play with. We’re really enhancing all the girls’ natural texture and we’re using Redken’s new Curvaceous line for each look, in different capacities. We’ve prepped the hair by shampooing it, then following up by using conditioner and styling products.... Although it’s such a large group, each with their own unique style, the general theme would be embracing natural texture. When talking about natural texture, whether that be on African Americans or anyone who’s got wild curls, what we’re looking for is a great shape in your hair. The ideal cut will allow you to let those curls really come out and you’ll feel
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SHOW: MARC JACOBS...“Marc first started talking to me about this look at the end of July. He was really inspired by Lana Wachowski’s hair. She’s got these beautiful colored, wool hair extensions. So that’s really where the major inspiration came from, as well as club and rave culture, Boy George, and anime. We knew we wanted to find wool hair. So we literally looked on Google and found Jena Counts’ Etsy shop and reached out to her. She’s been making all the wool extensions by hand in custom colors and lengths. For this show, she utilized 12,500 yards of fabric, which was dyed in more than 200 different shades.” – Guido
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SHOW: RALPH LAUREN...“We’ve shampooed the hair with All Soft and are letting it dry naturally for the natural texture. Then I’m using the Diamond Oil to get rid of the little frizzies, but we’re really accentuating the girls’ natural beauty. They’ve all got gorgeous hair so just giving it that shampooed texture and then Diamond Oil really enhances the luxury idea of beauty.” – Guido
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SHOW: TORY BURCH...“What I like about this hair – half up, half down – is that there is something effortless and chic about it. Every girl can do it. There’s something very refined about its easiness. I’m using Beach Envy shampoo for volume and texture followed with Wind Blown 05 and finishing with a curling iron. It’s a 1960s/early 70s Ali MacGraw east-coast-meets-west coast kind of girl, who might have done a small braid or a classic half up, half down style. When we look at them today, it feels very nostalgic, but right.” – Guido
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SHOW: VICTORIA BECKHAM...“We’re doing super straight, clean hair here at the Victoria Beckham show using Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Treatment Primer Cream and Satin Wear 02 to add shine and protect the hair from heat damage. As I’m blow-drying, I’m using a boar-bristled brush to smooth out the hair. To finish off the look, I’m using an iron to really give hair that shiny, smooth texture.” – Guido
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SHOW: ALEXANDER WANG...“It’s makeover madness here at the Alexander Wang show – we’ve got about 20 girls who have been bleached and cut and totally made over. All the girls have got Fashion Waves in their hair to get that beachy, dry, salty look. I’ve finished it up with a bit of Rough Paste to give it a chunky, matte feel. It’s inspired by the sea and being in the sun to get that sexy, matte look. ” – Guido
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Using Redken products, Guido created a range of hair personalities at various New York Fashion Week shows tailor-made to models' individual features, taking notes from characters and themes like "cool New York girl", the chic 1970s woman and colorful anime. 

After a busy week, the super stylist answered a few questions about hair trends for spring and what stylists can take away from Fashion Week and bring back into their salons: 

MODERN SALON: Did you see any trends emerge from the New York shows?
Guido: The trends for the New York shows were tribes, gangs of girls with an adventurous spirit, utilizing personality and individuality. At Alexander Wang, we created a gang of surfer girls with sun-bleached ends. Each girl had a haircut that suited their texture and face shape. They were still their individual selves within the gang.

MS: What can the salon stylist learn from these shows?
Guido: Salon stylists can learn from the shows to look for a client's personality, individuality, personality of hair texture and lifestyle and work with those traits rather than against them.

MS: What tips do you have for the salon stylist in re-creating these looks?
Guido: A stylist can experiment with products. For example, at Wang, we used Redken Fashion Waves 07 to give the girls that day-at-the-beach texture.

Click through the slideshow to see all the looks Guido and Redken created as NYFW, and his inspiration behind each. 

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