Cosmetologists Chicago 2016 Photo Trend Collection

Lauren Quick | September 22, 2016 | 9:23 AM
Hair: Elea Yaksich
Photo By Marc Hauser Photo 1 of 4
Hair: Paul Chambers
Photo By Marc Hauser Photo 2 of 4
Hair: Mio Sota Color: Roxy Hernandez
Photo By Marc Hauser Photo 3 of 4
Hair: Janette Orozco
Photo By Marc Hauser Photo 4 of 4

The Cosmetologists Chicago 2016 photo trend team sought to depict real Chicagoans with color and style reflective of their personalities and the city’s vibe with its latest photoshoot.

“As hairdressers, we are given minutes to evaluate a client and determine who they are and what style best suits them,” says Karen Gordon, collection director and owner of J. Gordon Designs, Chicago. “One must be comfortable and confident.”

The equally sophisticated and punk-chic styles were shot by Marc Hauser, who has made his career by capturing authentic pictures of his subjects.

“I don’t interview the people I photograph,” Hauser says. “Instead, I have them sit on a couch, and I watch them. I see how they act when there is no pressure of being in front of a camera. Then I try to capture that same look in my photographs of them.”

The team sought to create genuine depictions of the essence of Chicagoans through style, vibrant color and edgy cuts.



Hair: Elea Yaksich, Trio Salon; Janette Orozco, J. Gordon Designs; Mio Sota, Trio Salon; Paul Chambers, Paul Chambers Salon
Color: Roxy Hernandez, Trio Salon
Director: Karen Gordon, J. Gordon Designs
Makeup: Angela Brasington, J. Gordon Designs
Photographer: Hauser Portraits


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